5 Essential Accessories for Every Bathroom

To achieve a practical and well-decorated bathroom, it's essential to have these 5 great accessories.
5 Essential Accessories for Every Bathroom

Last update: 08 December, 2018

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It has to have a sense of order, and certain fundamental elements so that we can carry out our daily grooming routines with ease. In this article, we’ll show you 5 essential bathroom accessories.

There’s nothing better than having everything we need clean, organized and ready to use. This helps create a room that is tidy, comfortable and pleasant to spend time in.

However, the most important question is this: does your bathroom have all the accessories it needs? Don’t forget that your bathroom accessories still need to look great – after all, they’re both functional and decorative objects.

Liquid soap dispenser 

When it comes to choosing your soap, which is better? A liquid soap dispenser or a bar? Their purpose is essentially the same and both products will ultimately clean your hands. However, they look very different.

Liquid soap dispensers are often more hygienic and more appealing than soap dishes.

You have to remember that bars of soap are usually kept in a dish. Over time, they can go dry and get dusty, which doesn’t exactly look hygienic.

Soap dispensers, on the other hand, are an item we’re seeing more and more of in our homes. They have the following features:

  • They’re very hygienic, dispensing a small quantity of soap directly into your hands. Plus, they often come in nice bottles which can serve as decorative elements.
  • They don’t leak or make a mess since the soap is kept inside the container. Plus any soap you use will be washed down the sink.
  • They are low-cost: a bottle will last a long time and you can refill them whenever you want.

Essential accessories: towel racks

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hand towels organized, towel racks are an essential bathroom item. They’ll definitely come in handy, and they’ll make your home look neat, tidy and well cared for.

Before we discuss the two main types, we should mention that you can get both metal and wooden towel racks. The type you choose will depend on the style of your bathroom, so you’ll need to consider your decor.

  • Wall-mounted towel rack: both sides of the towel rack are attached to the wall, with rails in the middle where you can hang your towels.
  • Free-standing towel rack: there are lots of different models, but really interesting style has a central pillar with two or three arms fixed at right angles where you can hang your towels.

Radiator towel rack: heater and dryer

These towel racks are great for drying damp towels and heating your bathroom at the same time. Obviously, there’s no need to heat your bathroom in the summer, so you can just hang your towels on it then.

They normally have several different rails so you can dry more than one towel at once. They are usually made of aluminum and are heated electrically or with hot water.

The warmth and efficiency of these items are unparalleled, making them invaluable accessories in colder climates where heating is required in the bathroom

Towel racks come in many different forms and are a great way to keep your bathroom organized.

Essential accessories: toilet roll holders and brushes

Toilet roll holders and brushes are also useful bathroom accessories. In fact, no bathroom is complete without them.

Toilet roll holders can be made of metal, wood or plastic.

Toilet brushes are bigger than toilet roll holders, and so can play a significant role in your bathroom decor. There’s no need to hide them away. However, it’s essential to choose a brush that matches the other elements in your bathroom.

– You should use the same criteria when choosing your accessories as you do when decorating the rest of your bathroom.

Essential accessories: the shower caddy

If you’re looking to make life easier for yourself, a shower caddy is an easy, simple and understated way to keep your shower gel, shampoo and sponges neatly organized. Here are some of the other advantages:

  • They have a hook which allows you to hang them from the shower faucet, the shower screen or any other suitable object.
  • They don’t take up much space and won’t get in the way. Plus, they’re easy to use, which is great if you have small children.
  • Your shower gel will stay neatly organized, and won’t move around or fall. This makes them great practical and decorative bathroom objects.

Don’t hesitate to use these essential bathroom accessories. They’ll help you decorate and create a more comfortable and practical bathroom.

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