4 Ideas for Designing Bathrooms with Showers

4 Ideas for Designing Bathrooms with Showers

Last update: 10 October, 2018

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Would you like to install a shower but you’re not sure how? In the following article we’ll show you four ideas for bathrooms with showers to help you find inspiration.

According to what size your bathroom is, your preferred decor style and economic resources, one of these four options could be just what you are looking for to choose a shower that best suits your needs. Also, we give you some advice to take advantage of the space you have available and still be able to choose the same option.

1. Small bathrooms

Small bathroom with big shower

This first option on our bathrooms with showers list shows a smaller bathroom. As you can see, having a small bathroom is not necessarily incompatible with having a shower of quite a considerable size.

The key is to sacrifice the size of the rest of the bathroom fixtures to make more space available for where you want to install the shower.

In the bathroom you can see in the photo, the designer has selected a modern, minimalist style for the toilet and sink. The sink is as small as possible and the taps have been installed into the wall to save space. In the same way, the toilet takes up very little space since the designer has also set it into the wall.

With the shower they’ve mixed 2 types of tiles, continuing the flooring tiles up the wall of the shower. In that way it gives the impression that the bathroom is bigger.

Another great idea is the niches you can see in the wall at the end of the shower. Being able to store shampoo, soap, shower gel and other objects there means you can make the most of space in the shower.

2. Artisan bathrooms with showers

This option would be great with whatever size bathroom you have. The main characteristic is that the shower, sink, and cabinet or shelving for the accessories are hand-crafted.

This is an original idea since it’s not very common to have a bathroom with artisan fixtures and fittings. The key for it not to be on the boring side is to combine different types of tiles or other materials. If you opted for the same tile throughout it could appear a bit monotone.

The greatest advantage of this type of shower is that it’s durable and at the same time attractive, using materials such as stone or tiling.

3. Big bathrooms

Large bathrooms can have a feature shower

If the size of your bathroom isn’t a limiting factor in your design, you have more available options. You also have greater freedom when it comes to choosing both materials and the furnishings.

As you can see in the photo, the shower can have different areas. You could also install a shower column or jet. These accessories aren’t the same as a hydro massage shower but are quite similar, take up less space and are more economic.

Another option that this bathroom shows us is the original lighting placed above the shower. This luminous panel makes the shower the star of the bathroom.

Having a big bathroom means you can install darker tiles, to cover the walls as well as the floor. If you have a smaller bathroom we recommend you go for lighter colors, since these make the bathroom appear bigger.

4. Bathrooms with a hydro massage shower

Bathrooms with showers can include a hydro massage shower

In this last option for bathrooms with showers the greatest feature is the hydro massage shower. It’s such a great product that we just couldn’t leave it out. If you have the time to enjoy this type of shower, without doubt it would be an excellent option. You should be aware, however, that they aren’t cheap.

In this bathroom, a division is also made between spaces by means of a transparent glass panel. In this way, the areas of the bathroom for the toilet and shower are separated, but not as if they are completely different rooms.

As for the materials, in this case timber has been used on the walls. With this the bathroom is made to feel cozier. If you go for this option you should make sure the timber you use is water resistant or appropriate for use in bathrooms. This is because normally timber and humidity don’t go well together.

Choosing a design for bathrooms with showers

As we’ve seen, there are many options available for bathrooms with showers. Take into account your needs and budget when designing your bathroom’s new decor, and make the most of the space and options available for your new shower.

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