3 Modern Bathroom Designs you Need to Know About

Take a look at some of the new modern bathroom decorating trends and get inspired to change your own.
3 Modern Bathroom Designs you Need to Know About

Last update: 06 December, 2018

Nowadays, bathrooms are designed using high-quality materials, the rooms are bigger, and they have a very particular layout. These are the 3 modern bathroom designs that you need to know about this year.

In interior decorating, bathrooms are spaces which allow us to use materials and resources that we can’t use anywhere else.

Interior design is changing, searching for new aesthetic concepts while striving to create rooms which include all the features and furniture we expect to find in a modern bathroom.

Both the shower and the walls have bags of potential. If you know how to make the most of them, you can make these rooms aesthetically interesting spaces for anyone who uses them.

When it comes to design, the freedom offered by bathrooms makes them really interesting spaces for decorators to work with. Today, we’ll look at 3 designs to inspire you to come up with your own unique and original ideas.

Modern bathrooms – extra thin ceramics

We often assume that modern bathrooms have to be made from the typical construction materials we usually see, like ceramic, flagstones and so on. However, there are other, far more innovative bathroom materials we can use.

  • What is extra thin ceramic? Extra thin ceramics are vinyl floor tiles which are famous for their great strength and resistance. Their long lifespan and durability are great attributes when it comes to interior decorating.
  • Extra thin ceramic is a material which is strong, easy to clean and comes in a huge range of interesting colors, among which you can find tones such as pastels, whites, and blues.
  • Using extra thin ceramics in your bathroom. If you use dark, neutral colored ceramics, you can combine them with white furniture to create contrast. You can then use this material for your shower, and add some nice green plants to bring a fresh, clean feel to your bathroom.
Extra thin ceramic tiles are great for decorating a modern bathroom.

One of the most important advantages of this material is just how easy it is to use. Remember, almost any decorative element or accessory can work well with this type of ceramic. 

Spice things up and use new decoration and construction materials. –

Modern bathrooms and transparent shower screens

The latest trends have led to the emergence of new types of shower screens. It’s no longer a question of hiding the person using the shower. Designs have moved on, and it’s now all about integrating the shower with the rest of the bathroom space.

Shower screens can come in all different shapes and styles, but you can make the room seem bigger if you buy a screen made from transparent glass, that either has a sliding door or can be opened inwardly or outwardly. So, what are the benefits of this type of screen?

  • This is a unique and original feature that will give your modern bathroom bags of character. It is the bathroom as a whole that gives you your personal privacy, rather than the shower itself so that you can see all the different materials and elements in your bathroom at all times.
  • You can use the same materials for the walls of your shower or bath to maintain a sense of continuity. Alternatively, you could put up a completely different style of wall hanging to create a sense of contrast.
  • Showers that have both a manual hand shower and a waterfall shower head fixed to the ceiling are really modern and innovative and will look great combined with a clear glass screen.

– It’s possible to integrate the shower with the rest of the bathroom, rather than separating them with an opaque screen. –

The wood-marble combo

A wood-marble combo looks great in any modern bathroom.

A bathroom’s design is not only defined by the decorative elements that have been used to finish the room, but it’s also determined by the materials. Let’s take a look at wood and marble bathrooms:

  • Dark brown or ocher marble looks great in a modern bathroom. It’s a strong, durable, glossy material that is easy to clean. You can also use it for your shower.
  • Dark wood can help to generate contrast with marble, whilst also functioning as an extension of the marble itself.
  • You can use wood for the washstands, mirror frames, the shower floor, shelves for keeping toiletries and towels on, and, of course, the door.

– Browns and ochers look great together as long as one is noticeably darker than the other. – 

It’s good to have a transparent shower screen so that you can admire the designs and materials in your bathroom.