5 Great Ways to Decorate with Plants

More and more people are choosing to have plants in their homes. This is because of the benefits they give. They also look great in any room. In this article you will find some original ways to decorate with plants. 
5 Great Ways to Decorate with Plants

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you decorate with plants you bring a touch of freshness and peace into your home. You should also consider all the advantages of having plants. There’s no doubt that they improve our quality of life.

5 great ideas to decorate with plants


We can put plants both indoors and outdoors. They can be on patios, terraces or balconies. The most important things to be aware of are the typical weather in your location and the characteristics of the plants. You need to know how much water the plant needs, at what temperature they thrive, how to maintain them, etc. in order to find the best place for the plant.

Although you could use artificial plants, real ones are much more desirable. One reason is that they purify and oxygenate the environment. So, in addition to decorating, they bring many advantages to the home.

There are a lot of choices when you decorate with plants. There’s a variety of shapes and sizes. Your job is to find those that best fit the style of your home.

Here are 5 very original ways to decorate with plants. Hopefully, they will inspire you to do so.

1. Vertical gardens to decorate with plants

It is increasingly common to live in small houses where every inch is precious. For that reason, vertical gardens are a great choice since they hardly take up any space.

You would usually put them in the living room or the bathroom. The most common plants are ferns, cacti, succulents, mosses, and aromatic flowers.

The more wall surface a vertical garden occupies, the greater the visual impact. 

Even so, a vertical garden is not the only option. Some other ideas are:

  • Use hooks on doors and windows to hang flowering pots or as support for climbing plants such as ivy.
  • Hanging pots. You can create a lovely display by hanging pots from the ceiling or at different heights on a wall. Another option is to create a sort of swing that hangs from the ceiling out of rope and a wooden plank for the seat. Hang the pots on the seat of the swing and voila!
  • Wreaths. Hang them on the wall or on doors.
Vertical garden on a shelves

2. Decorate with botanical plants

This is a lovely way to combine leaves, plants, and flowers. You can press them, dry them and use them as decorations. To do this you only need some newspaper and a heavy object like a thick book to press them with.

After they dry, you can create something beautiful with them. Maybe you could write something and decorate it with the plant pieces.

Then, choose an appropriate frame and hang the project on your wall. You can make as many of these as you like of different sizes. They will add dynamic movement to the room.

Dried plants to press

3. Decorate with plants as centerpieces

Centerpieces are very commonly used in special celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, and weddings. But you can use them at any time of the year.

If you want your centerpieces to look natural, it’s best to use plants, especially if they are small. Cacti and succulents are very common.

There are many different ways to arrange them: inside vases, baskets, fish bowls, terrariums, bottles, etc. Obviously, the choices are numerous.

Centerpiece with plants

4. On the stairs

Most of the time, we only see the stairs as a way to get from one floor to another. So, we tend to ignore the stairs. But you can decorate them.

If the area under the stairs is empty, we can place plants in it as a vertical garden or in pots. The space under the stairs can go a long way.

We can also place a mini pot in the corner of each step. Another possibility is to use the shelf that sometimes exists between the stairs and the wall. 

One last option – stair-like shelves. This is where you place plants on a shelf with books and other personal items.

Plants on a swing and on a shelf

5. On pallets

The use of recycled wood is something we are seeing more and more of in interior design. Pallets are no exception. You can leave them in their natural state or paint them a color to match the rest of the room. White always looks good.

As we stated in the first section of the article, pallets are excellent for creating vertical gardens. 

You can also make shelves out of them that you can use for plants and other objects. Why not add a climbing plant to it to give it a more exotic look?

Another simple option is to place the pallet on the ground, like a low coffee table. If you want more height, you can always stack more pallets. In addition, you can use the spaces between the pallets to add mini pots, books, remote controls, and other items.

Plants in pallet


As you have seen, there are many great ways to decorate with plants. Simply be mindful of the space you have available for them inside and outside.

Finally, don’t forget all the advantages of having plants in the house. Don’t put it off any longer. Create a green corner for your house.

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