Types of Embroidery for Your Towels

If you want to give a decorative detail to the towels in your bathroom by incorporating different types of embroidery, keep reading. We'll show you some ideas and tips to do just that.
Types of Embroidery for Your Towels

Last update: 30 October, 2018

Hand and bath towels are items that we use daily in our homes. It’s absolutely essential that our towels are soft and that they protect our skin when we’re drying our hands and body. We’ll show you different types of embroidery that you can put on your own towels to beautify them and give them a personalized look.

When your towels are both soft and beautiful at the same time, you’ll leave the bathroom with an improved sense of comfort and well-being. Embroidering your towels can be a very nice way to highlight your home’s bathrooms. You can even create memorabilia this way.

You can embroider both hand towels and towels that you would use for your body. Here are some types of embroidery that you can put on your towels. 

Types of embroidery: by hand

To begin, embroidering your towels by hand can be the easiest option. If you know how to sew by hand this won’t be hard for you. You’ll need the following materials:

  • Towel
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Pencil or marker for cloth

To embroider by hand you’ll ideally want to choose a pretty small or simple figure. If you like, you can choose to embroider your family member’s names and have customized towels. Choose the towel and the section of the towel that you’re going to embroider on. Next, use the pencil or marker to sketch the outline of what you want to put on the towel.

types of embroidery

Proceed to embroider the towel by hand with the thread that you chose by making simple stitches. You can combine different colors of different thicknesses of threads. This will give more consistency to your final piece of work.

Types of embroidery: machine

If you’re a sewing enthusiast and you have a sewing machine at home, embroidering towels with a machine can be an easier and faster alternative to embroidering by hand. If your machine has different decorative stitches, you can choose the one you like most. Otherwise, you can embroider using only straight stitch.

The machine is able to regulate how thick the stitch is. You’ll want to choose a relatively thick thread for machine embroidery – you don’t want the thread to break. You must first sketch the pattern you want to embroider onto the towel. Thread the machine’s needle, then begin the embroidery process. Try to keep your speed steady and sew slowly, otherwise you’ll have to stop and unstitch if necessary.

One really great option is to make your machine embroidery on a piece of colored fabric and then sew that colored fabric onto the towel.

Another interesting alternative, because sewing with a machine takes far less time, is to create a pattern with different decorative stitches. Embroider one end of your towel horizontally and create different stripes with different stitches in different colors. Also, if you have a white towel this is a great opportunity to add color to it and give it an original design.

machine embroidery

Create images with ribbons or appliqué

In addition to creating your embroidered towels with thread, you can sew on ribbons, small pompoms, or other appliqué to accompany your embroidery. You also can create designs with ribbons and complement your embroidery by stitching by hand or by machine.

Consider creating a design with different materials. Remember, however, to be careful when choosing materials. You shouldn’t use hard or pointy things. These can damage your skin.

You can sew a cotton bias ribbon in a contrasting color around the edges of your towel. This idea is perfect for creating contrasts and complementing your towel’s overall design. In addition, it’ll look very nice on towels that your little ones use. Create flowers, animals, geometric shapes, and other patterns that you like the most.

In conclusion, if you know how to embroider and do different stitches, this is a great opportunity for you to give a decorative touch to the towels in your home. Therefore, you should learn these different types of embroidery, and how to combine different colors, materials, figures, and names. Design beautiful towels for your guests. Finally, you’ll have your own unique towels to use every time you need to dry your hands.

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