Decorating Your Bathroom with Bamboo: Original Ideas

Thinking about changing your bathroom look? Want something original? Discover these tips on decorating your bathroom with bamboo.
Decorating Your Bathroom with Bamboo: Original Ideas

Last update: 20 October, 2018

Decorating a bathroom might seem complicated. So, we’d like to offer you some pointers and original ideas for your bathroom decor.

Historically, bamboo canes have been used in a number cultures for construction, instruments and even to make paper and textiles.

Currently, people use bamboo as a decor element. When used in decor, it can give homes a tropical or even a rustic feel. To help you make the most of this material, we’d like to show you some tips for remodeling and decorating your bathroom with bamboo.

Bamboo characteristics

Thanks to the fact that this plant originally comes from hot, humid climates, you’ll have no problems when using it in your bathroom as a decor or furniture piece. It can withstand steam as well as high temperatures and doesn’t decompose quickly; it’s one of the reasons why bamboo makes for a popular choice for bathrooms.

How to decorate your bathroom with bamboo

Bamboo cane offers an infinite amount of decor possibilities for your bathroom. As with all plants, it can come in various lengths and widths. Although, you can find very similar varieties on the market because bamboo is also used as a construction material.

Bamboo decorate

Divide your bathroom into sections

If you have a big bathroom, you could create a structure to divide your bathroom into different areas. Using different areas could create more intimacy.

Use any base structure that you like. Tall, deep pots that are made of a sturdy material are a widely-used option. You could also choose to fill the pot with stones to later keep your bamboo canes firmly in place.

If you’re using very tall or thick bamboo, we recommend sticking it in some way to the surface of the structure. Otherwise, it’ll topple over because of the weight.

Make a foot-lamp with bamboo canes

Using a similar container as the previous idea, you could make a bamboo foot-lamp. Use the bamboo to fill the pot and it’ll channel the light upwards. This will create warm lighting, perfect for a relaxing bath.

Create a bamboo wall

A beautiful idea is covering an entire wall with bamboo canes. Use entire canes and stick them directly to the wall. Another, even more beautiful idea is cutting the canes in half and then sticking them to the wall. You’ll end up with an incredible original textured bathroom wall. It’ll give a rustic, tropical feel to your bathroom.

Use bamboo on your ceiling

Following the same idea, you could use bamboo on your bathroom ceiling. Try covering your entire ceiling, or just use a couple of canes, spacing them out. The latter will give your bathroom small hints of bamboo without overwhelming the space.

Cover your door with bamboo

If you like the idea of covering a surface with bamboo, you’ll love this idea of decorating your bathroom door. Just remember not to go overboard.

Use bamboo on pots and jugs

If you’re looking for a bamboo decor that’s a bit more subtle, you could try using some medium-length bamboo canes in a tall pot on the floor.

Bamboo decoration piece

Painting bamboo

If you want to take the bamboo down a notch, try painting it. If you fill tall pots with bamboo canes, try painting all the canes halfway in the same color. White, or a light blue, never fails for a bathroom. Give it a try, the paint will temper the rustic ambiance that the bamboo creates.

Interesting facts about bamboo’s spiritual significance

On top of being a beautiful, natural element for home decor, bamboo also has spiritual importance.

It’s a plant that’s known as “lucky bamboo”, but it also symbolizes strength, vitality, patience, perseverance and greatness. These are all characteristics that describe bamboo itself, from its humble beginnings as a slow germinating and growing plant. The strength is later reflected in its cane, which stands strong over the years, and withstands high temperatures and force and mistreatment.

Considering all of bamboo’s spiritual and aesthetic qualities, using bamboo in your own bathroom, or in any other room has a lot of benefits. Bamboo will reflect strength and vitality.