Use Wooden Boxes to Keep Your Home in Order

If you're looking for a way to store all of your things while keeping your home organized at the same time, we'll show you some examples of different wooden boxes that you can use to get started.
Use Wooden Boxes to Keep Your Home in Order

Last update: 05 December, 2018

Wooden boxes are sturdy, beautiful and practical places for storing lots of items. You can separate objects by sort, decorate your boxes or use them to organize your home. A lot of times, we don’t have enough space on our furniture or shelves for all of our things.

In a home, organization is fundamental. It’s even more important you have a bigger family or a lot of items without the storage space. Separating and sorting them into groups and decorating their corresponding boxes can be a great way to find things quickly.

So, in our blog today, we’ll show you the different kinds of wooden boxes that you can use to store your objects and keep your house in order.

We’ll also explain the different ways that there are to personalize, restore and decorate your wooden boxes. With our advice, you could give your boxes a special, personal decor.

There are a wide variety of wooden boxes that you can use to organize your objects. You could reuse the ones that you already have, use fruit crates or find some small boxes at arts and craft shops. Think about the styles that you like, the size that you’ll need and where you’ll want to put them.

Fruit crates

Sturdy, wooden fruit crates are easy to find. You can use the ones that you already have and the decorate or restore them as you like. Be careful when you bleach the wood, wiping it clean with a wet rag. Then, decorate your crate however you like.

Restoring and reusing these kinds of wooden crates is pretty trendy these days in interior design. You could use them to store items in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even in children’s rooms.

Keep your bathroom and kitchen items tidy

Wooden boxes bathroom kitchen

Using wooden crates in your bathroom to keep your items organized could really be a great, practical idea. Try painting them with a color that matches your bathroom.

A beautiful option that works for both bathrooms and kitchens is applying a simple coat of varnish. By just using varnish, you can conserve the wood’s original color, making it easier to match with the rest of your decor. If you prefer, you could apply a dark brown or black sealer. That’ll give them a vintage feel.

A single crate would work great for storing your toilet paper, lotions, soaps, and other elements. If you want to use them for your kitchen instead, using a crate for your fruits and another one for your vegetables is a practical idea. The crates will help you keep everything stored and organized.

Load them with toys

Another practical idea for wooden crates is filling them with your little one’s toys. You can paint them with bright or pastel colors. If you like, you could drill four wheels on the bottom at each corner. A wheeled crate will allow for easy movement. These crates are super practical because they’re nice and deep, allowing for optimal storage.

Create a shelving unit with wooden crates

Moving on, our next beautiful idea is using your fruit crates as shelves. All you need to do is paint and decorate them however you like and then, install them on the wall. For a real visual treat, fill your wall with a shelving set. Install them liberally. Play around with vertical and horizontal lines on the same surface. After you’re done, you’ll have a set of beautiful, original shelves to organize your belongings. You could use them to put away books and other decorative objects.

Wooden tea boxes

Tea boxes are made of wood and are sectioned off inside. Getting your hands on a tea box is a lovely way to organize your different teas in your kitchen. You can also find tea boxes in art stores and decorate them however you’d like. Try a decoupage technique to decorate your tea boxes.

Tea boxes decoupage

Wooden boxes with a lid

You can also find differently sized wooden boxes that have a lid. The lid will hide away the box’s contents. You could also use small wooden trunks or chests.

All of the ideas in our post are easy to find or create. In any case, the most important thing is to be able to pick out, reuse and address our main issue: organize and store our personal items. You’ll love how beautiful these options are for storing your items. In addition, if you ever want to change your wooden boxes, you can restore them and paint them.

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