9 Practical Ideas for an Organized Kitchen

If you're thinking about working on your kitchen to reorganize your objects and food products, in today's post we'll show you some storage systems that'll keep things in order.
9 Practical Ideas for an Organized Kitchen

Last update: 30 November, 2018

Keeping your kitchen in order is fundamental. Order is a must for keeping your kitchen utensils and food products organized to cook efficiently. Having free space in your kitchen is very important as well. When you cook, you probably need to multi-task, moving back and forth often. So, we’d like to show you some kitchen cabinets that you can use in your kitchen.

In order to cook comfortably, you should have all of your items at within reach. Ideally, what you should do is organize your items in groups. You can choose to separate your food products from your cooking utensils.

You’ll need big containers, shelves, hooks and deep drawers for optimal organization. When you’re out looking for them, try to choose strong, visually appealing materials. We’ll show you 9 practical kitchen items and cabinets that you’ll love.

Kitchen storage for your food products

Knowing how to store your food products separately from your kitchen utensils is important. So first, we’ll go over the different things that you can use to store and keep your food products organized.

Use different sized jars

Jars are one of the more popular storage choices for kitchens. They’re easy to find, strong and hygienic for keeping all kinds of different foods. You can use big, medium or small jars according to the quantities of food that you need to store.

Kitchen organization jar

On a further note, remember to save jars whenever you have the chance. If you buy bottled food products, don’t throw away them away. You can save and reuse them later for storage. Use the bigger jars for flour, rice, sugar or pasta. The smaller ones work great for spices and seeds.

You can also think about decorating your jars. A lovely idea is using markers or labeling the contents of each jar. You can draw a small picture with chalk and write “sugar” or “black pepper”. Then, put them in order on a shelf by groups or their function. By doing this, you’ll always have them right where you need them when you’re cooking.

Drawers and baskets

Fruit drawers or wicker baskets can also be your perfect kitchen cabinet options. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can place them wherever you please. Fill them with fruits, vegetables, cans or other products. If you have roomy pantries, you can even fit these drawers or baskets inside them.

Kitchen cabinets to keep your items organized

Aside from your food products, you’ll probably need a place to store your cooking utensils and items. So, we’ve also prepared some practical ideas for ideal kitchen cabinets.

Install hooks to hang objects

You can install a row of hooks on the insides of your cabinet doors. That way, you can hang coffee mugs, ladles or spatulas. With the hooks, you could be saving space and storing and organizing your objects efficiently.

Small door racks

In addition to the hooks, you can incorporate some small racks on the inside of your cabinet door. An organizer will allow you to keep and organize small spice bottles, your favorite mugs or anything else that you need to put away.

Cabinets with sliding drawers

You can find a huge variety of cabinets that are specially designed for kitchens. Some feature sliding drawers that hold all of the things that you need. The drawers make it easy to grab hard-to-find objects in addition to making cleaning convenient. These kinds of cabinets are even more practical than normal ones.

Use deep drawers

Deep drawers are super useful for storing bigger kitchen objects. You can use them to keep your kitchen gadgets, pots, trays, and big dishes organized.

Kitchen organization drawers

Cabinets with lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are more and more popular in kitchen cabinets. They’re usually installed in a corner cabinet, where it’s harder to reach the items in the back area. A lazy Susan could help you keep all your dishes organized and accessible.

Use a knife slot on your countertop

Another practical idea for your kitchen is using a knife slot on your countertop. You can use them specifically to store knives of different sizes. By storing them in their slots, you can protect them and have them handy at all times.

Wheeled carts and shelving units

Small wheeled carts also help keep things organized. You can use them to keep a number of food products or objects that you use frequently. Also, if you have a food pantry at home, you can store the cart there when you don’t need it and gain some space to move more freely in the kitchen. You can find plastic, metal or wooden carts. Choose the one that you like the best and keep all of your items  organized.

As you’ve read with us today, there are new practical ideas and inventions that can help you store your food products and kitchen items. You can reuse and create your own storage system or purchase the one that best suits your kitchen and preference. Recycle, organize and store all of the items so that you can cook more comfortably.

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