Serving Carts: both Functional and Decorative

Serving carts are back with a bang.
Serving Carts: both Functional and Decorative

Last update: 28 September, 2018

It’s no secret that serving cards are one of today’s biggest trends in bringing back past elements and adapting them to our modern lifestyle.

In this post, we’ll explain what they are exactly, why they’re so popular and the different types that are available today.

What are they?

Serving carts are an auxiliary piece that originates from the Victorian period. They were used to serve tea.

However, serving carts took off in the first half of the 20th century as bar carts for companies, offices, etc. They were common sights in places such as a lawyer’s offices or large companies.

The 50’s marked the height of their popularity as the “symbol of sophistication”.

But fame doesn’t last forever; after the 50’s, serving carts started to fall out of favor.

Currently, in our love of the past, serving carts have started to come back not only for their aesthetics, but also for their multi-functional benefits.

serving cart resurge

Why they’re back in style

Multi-functional serving carts

The main reason behind their comeback is their functionality.

As an auxiliary piece, you can use them for a million purposes.

People most often use them for:

  • A surface to hold various objects, vases, books, etc.
  • A bar
  • An extra counter for a bathroom
  • A spare piece in a garden, patio or at the poolside
  • A kitchen cabinet
  • Extra storage space

As you can see, we can use serving carts for all sorts of purposes in any room. You just need to choose the style and material of your cart and you’ll have a classic yet functional piece.

General characteristics

Serving carts boast characteristics that make them both a unique and very useful piece of furniture:

  • Mobility: their mobility just might be the first characteristic that comes to mind. Remember that they were first created to serve tea in the Victorian era.

It’s no surprise that they’re back in style thanks to their wheels.

With the help of a cart, we can bring dinner to a room without having to make multiple trips to the kitchen, or without the risk of burning ourselves. We can cart a light snack to the patio, garden or pool, or even move drinks to the living room.

  • Versatile: many carts have shelves, cup holders or extendable tables.
  • Easy to personalize: you can use DIY projects to personalize some serving carts. For example, you could try painting them, adding or removing shelves, etc.
  • They fit in any area of your house: as we previously mentioned, although they’re mobile, people commonly station them in one room. In such cases, their wheels are more of a decorative element than a functional one.

They’re perfect for neatly keeping our liquor bottles and cups in a corner of the living room.

  • They add elegance to rooms: as a piece from older times, they have a classic feel and add a touch of elegance.
serving cart elegance classic


We can kind find all kinds of serving carts on the market today.

If you take your time looking, you’ll definitely find one that fits your style and needs.

  • Classic: classic serving carts are easy to spot. They use glass and metal in their design. They normally have two shelves, but you can find some with other storage elements, such as a glass rack.
  • Industrial: this style mixes more modern materials such as copper and brass.
  • Rustic: wood is the star material of the rustic look, meaning rustic carts will be made of wood. The rustic style allows us to make pieces or elements ourselves. There are plenty of serving carts out there that are made from pallets or recycled wood.
  • Vintage: most of the materials in this look are natural, a good example being wicker. They give a delicate feel to an atmosphere. They work perfectly in gardens or patios thanks to their resilient quality; you shouldn’t leave them outdoors, however, due to humidity.
  • Minimalist: minimalism is the most sophisticated style. These kinds of carts use simple, reduced lines – but they’re just as functional as any other cart. The most common materials used in minimalist carts are wood, steel, glass or bamboo.
serving cart style


This blast from the past is here to stay. Serving carts bring elegance to any room and we can also adapt them to our own style and needs.

They’ve become a must-have item for people who enjoy a drink or two, as well as for those who like making the most out of simple and classic pieces.

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