How to Give Your Bathroom a Touch of Femininity

The bathroom is often the least decorated room in our house. Today, we'll show you how it can be a cute space by adding some feminine touches.
How to Give Your Bathroom a Touch of Femininity

Last update: 08 December, 2018

Want to give your bathroom a touch of femininity? If you’re the only woman in your house, the men you’re living with have probably invaded the bathroom, leaving no space for you! Or maybe you just want something different because your bathroom is boring and needs a new look.

Whatever the reason may be, we’ll give you some pointers on how to give your bathroom a touch of femininity.

We often think that a feminine touch to any part of the house involves the color pink. But femininity is much more than pink. A feminine air can link with decorative features to create a stylish design.


Us women have more bathroom items than men do. While men can get ready in no time, women have to apply makeup, creams, and perfume.  Storing everything that you need in a makeup bag or in a drawer means you can find all those pots and potions!

Why not leave it out in the open for the whole world to see?  However, if you’re someone who has a hard time keeping things tidy, you should use an organizer that you can put away in a drawer. All of your makeup products should have their own space and the organizer will help you find things easily, making it easier when you’re ready to put your face on.

Women Bathroom Organizer

As for the organizers, there are all sorts of sizes and materials available. The more classic organizers are transparent plastic ones. You can also find other kinds – metal or wicker baskets are also great for organizing.

Pastel colors for femininity

Pastel colors offer a feminine air to a bathroom. You can try matching several pastels or just use one color. Pink tones are the classic option and, in many cases, they’re perfect for the job. Try out other colors too such as ocher or pistachio.

Pastel colors are essential to achieve a feminine look for a bathroom.

Including other decorative elements in the same color range will create a perfect harmony of colors. A good idea is considering your wall color when choosing towel colors. Too often we buy towels first without thinking about how they might match with the rest of the bathroom.

Women Bathroom pastels

Good lighting

A bathroom that’s graced with femininity should be well lit. Women need good lighting to apply makeup. To ensure good lighting, you can try combining normal ceiling lights with spotlights.

If you want something more, you should try installing a light fixture that really stands out. Be bold and forget those normal ceiling lights and go for a showpiece. For example, a beaded lamp or chandelier would work great. As for the color palette, you should ideally choose pastel colors just as with the rest of the bathroom.

Decorative elements

The bathroom is the room that we decorate least. Why not show it some love and dress it up? If you hang a picture up or add a plant in the living room or a bedroom, why not in the bathroom?

Below, we’ll show you some decorative elements that you can use to add femininity to your bathroom:

  • Pictures: whether you just use one or a several hung in a mosaic, they work really well. You can paint them yourself or buy some that will be in harmony with the bathroom color palette. Make sure to use appropriate materials as the bathroom will be humid.
  • Flowers: flowers look wonderful in any room including the bathroom. A small flower pot on the sink counter will make all the difference.
Women Bathroom Accessories
  • Mirrors: every bathroom has a mirror. But not every mirror has a frame that turns heads. We recommend hanging a bolder mirror, with a thick and detailed frame.