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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

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Our home needs to be a snug place for tranquility and disconnection. So, keeping it clean and organized is essential. We'll explain just how to do that in today's post.
3 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized
Last update: 10 October, 2018

We all know that keeping a home clean and organized isn’t easy. There’s always something that gets in the way. We need to try making our home into a place of warmth, tranquility and rest; we need to keep our home clean and organized.

In smaller homes, this problem grows into a huge dilemma. Smaller-sized rooms mean more headaches when we try to make order because they can make everything look chaotic. On top of that, when children are in the picture, keeping a house clean might seem impossible especially if you have work responsibilities.

In today’s post, we’d like to share some tricks with you for keeping your home clean and organized. Your home will be able to breathe again!

1. Developing a cleaning schedule

If you’re always on-the-go, you really should create a daily cleaning schedule. We all know that between work, the gym, drinks with friends, etc., it’s hard to find time to clean our home. So, you’ll have to plan every day to keep your house tidy.

Keeping a fixed calendar with all of your daily chores will make your home maintenance much more practical and simpler. The first thing that you need to do is find your moments of free time and dedicate just 10 minutes to a daily chore. After, make a list of all the chores that you need to do weekly: clean the kitchen, dust, mop the bathroom, run the dishwasher, hang your clothes out to dry, etc. Planning these will make it much easier for you to do things efficiently and quickly.

Of course, once in a while you won’t get around to doing a chore. On those days, you’ll need a plan B so as to not be so hard on yourself. Knowing how to be flexible with chores in the event of unexpected disruptions is a valuable skill.

2. New habits

Here’s a list of new habits to incorporate in your everyday routine. They couldn’t be easier or less time-consuming.

  • Don’t leave your home without making your bed. You might think, “bah, I’ll do it later” but in reality, when you get back home from work, or when you start your daily activities, you’re not going to want to make your bed. Consequently, it’ll be left unmade the entire day. So, before you start anything, you should make your bed. Aside from having an orderly room, you’ll be able to appreciate your room decor more.
  • If you take something out, put it back after. Sometimes we use items only to leave them here and there around the house. It happens with towels, cleaning products or medicine, among other things. At the end of the day, these little things get bigger and really make a home look disorganized. This is even more of a reality when there’s kids. In light of that, your house should stress the rule “if you use something, put it away after”.
  • A helpful tip for keeping your kitchen tidy is washing the dishes or emptying the dishwasher as you’re cooking. By taking advantage of down-time, you can multi-task, saving time and channeling your energy into other things. Cleaning as you cook is also a very practical tip; it’ll save you a mountain of dirty equipment to wash later.
  • When you return home, don’t just throw everything down. Get used to hanging up your coat and putting away your bag, wallet, keys, etc. If you don’t, you’ll just have to do it later. So, you’re better off putting them all away right as soon as you get home if you want it to be just as tidy as you left it.
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3. Making cleaning fun

Looking at cleaning as an obligation will make it into an activity that’s boring and tiring. If we give this some more thought, chores can be fun if we want them to be. They can be a time for you to listen to your favorite songs, making time fly by. You can also use cleaning time as a chance to chitchat with your partner or friends about how their days are going. On the same note, doing chores in a group makes things more enjoyable in addition to making them go by faster.

If you have children at home, you should make them clean so that they can develop good habits for the future. You can even make it into a fun game. That’ll help them get used to chores from a young age and see it as a daily routine.

If you want chores to be fun, there’s nothing stopping this. Make cleaning your moments of disconnecting with your hectic day!

We shouldn’t get stressed about keeping our home clean and organized. We all know that we’d all like to have a clean home without putting in the effort. But, unfortunately, that’s not how reality works. Enjoy your home by living as neatly as you can, following the tips that we’ve provided in our post. When you can’t, you can always hire someone who can give you a hand to clean your house. Then you won’t have any more excuses!