5 Things to Do to have a House that's Always Clean

Do you think that your house is clean? Check if you're taking care of the key chores to keep your home clean.
5 Things to Do to have a House that's Always Clean

Last update: 18 September, 2018

You’ve probably asked yourself how your house can get dirty if you clean it regularly. Are you sure that you’re cleaning correctly? We’ll explain 5 tasks to have a house that’s always clean.

Considering the everyday rush of daily life, cleaning our home daily isn’t easy. The best way to get things done is by doing these chores a little bit at a time.

1. Keeping tidy

Making sure that the bedroom, bathroom or living room are tidy is something that we can do every day; in fact, all you have to do is put things in their place after you use them.

We should never leave anything that we use, such as a book or a cup, anywhere because it makes a mess and, causes bad habits.

We all feel tranquility and comfort in a well-organized bedroom or living room. On the other hand, poor organization transmits tension, restlessness and unease.

Cleaning organization

2. Putting away clothes and other closet items

A closet is a very useful piece of furniture for storing all kinds of things that you either use or have stopped using.

Take clothes as an example. They’re much more organized when they’re put away in a closet, hung on hangers or folded as opposed to when they’re not in drawers or if they’re thrown on top of a chair.

A closet completely transforms a room and hides a number of things which can be tucked away in different compartments.

Cleaning closet

3. Making the bed

We use our bed every day. Sometimes, we leave in a hurry without making our bed. When we come back home it’s unpleasant to find an unmade bed.

Setting up the alarm earlier to make time to do something as simple as making the bed is a good idea.

Psychologically speaking, coming home and finding things neat and in order helps us feel more comfortable and rest easier.

How often should you change your sheets? Changing them once every 10 days will keep your bed clean and soft. This habit will help eliminate dust mites.

Cleaning Bed

4. Kitchen hygiene

While cooking is a messy job, it doesn’t mean it has to become a problem. Cleaning can be a regular habit instead of leaving things to get messy.

Every time that you cook or eat, you should wash the utensils that you use; avoid leaving them in the sink for days. This is a terrible habit that’s common among students.

Dried food is hard to remove and can even cause odors. Similarly, oil that splashes and smudges counter-tops, stoves and walls can be problematic.

You really should force yourself to clean and leave your kitchen as it was before cooking or eating. Adopting good habits, especially keeping your sink clean, will help you prevent many problems.

Cleaning kitchen

5. Bathroom hygiene

The bathroom is the most-used room and also the dirtiest. We use the bathroom everyday and, of course, we need to clean it. However, cleaning the bathroom isn’t just a 5-minute job.

But it won’t take too much time as long as you clean it every two days. Germs easily build up and it’s not hygienic at all to keep our bathrooms in those kinds of conditions.

What products can we use to clean the bathroom? Bleach is on our best recommendation because it’s great for sanitizing. There are also other bathroom products available that clean and also leave behind a pleasant aroma.

Cleaning bathroom


Our most important piece of advice is to know that there’s a need for good hygiene. Taking care of our home means taking care of ourselves. There’s no doubt that coming home to a clean house and keeping it that way is something to be proud of.

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