3 Shoe Rack Ideas for Your Home Entrance

Here are 3 shoe rack ideas for your home entrance. If you're thinking about decorating your entrance but don't know where to start, a shoe rack is a practical and decorative piece of furniture. Keep on reading!
3 Shoe Rack Ideas for Your Home Entrance

Last update: 09 October, 2018

Shoe racks are without doubt a huge help when leaving or entering a home.

The entrance of a home is often a big question mark in terms of decor. Sometimes we find ourselves at odds with how to distribute the space, decorate it and with what to put there.

Entrances are most often smaller spaces. Being smaller doesn’t mean that it’s less important; even if it’s small, it’s still the first thing that our guests see when entering our home.

On a different note, this shouldn’t only be a room that visually suits your family’s taste, it should also be a practical room.

We have to pass through the entrance in order to exit or leave our home so why not make it into a space that’ll make our life easier?

In today’s post, we’ll give you 3 shoe rack ideas for a more practical yet beautiful home entrance.

What should you be looking for when selecting a shoe rack?

To choose a good shoe rack for your home entrance, you need to consider several different aspects first.

To start off, we want to stress that shoe racks are furniture pieces that you can place almost anywhere in your home.

Shoe rack placement

You can put them in bedrooms, laundry rooms, hallways and, of course, your home entrance.

Most of the time they’re narrow furniture pieces with little depth, allowing you to use set them up against a wall without drawing any attention to them.

Second off, you should also consider:

  • Area characteristics: how much space do you have for a shoe rack? Is your home entrance wide or narrow? What kind of decor style does your home mainly use?
  • Your needs: a house where only one person lives isn’t the same thing as a house where a couple or family with children live. As you might imagine in the case of a house with children, time is gold so you’d need any kind of help that’ll make the everyday easier. Shoe racks could be a great help for entrances as kids can access them easily.
  • Remember that using shoe racks in the entrance of your home is supposed to keep the shoes or slippers that you use most frequently at an arm’s reach; they’re not meant for showcasing your shoe collection. Consequently, you won’t be able to keep all of your shoes there.

3 shoe rack ideas for your home entrance

To come up with these ideas, we thought through what each and every one of these ideas could offer.

Our favorite, most practical shoe rack ideas for this area of the home are the following:

Compact shoe rack

This is the classic shoe rack. You can fit it in your hallway or bedroom with no problem. However, thanks to its shallow-depth, it’s perfect for your home entrance.

In addition to keeping your shoes in, you can use the upper part to place objects that we always need when leaving home. To give an example, these could be your keys. Or you could also place a decorative object on top, like a jar.

Shoe rack compact

There are all kinds of compact shoe racks. You can find classic, modern, rustic or even industrial styles.

Their biggest advantage is that they keep your shoes hidden away from your guests while preventing the shoes themselves from collecting dust.

It doesn’t stand out and it’s a piece that also works as home decor.

Low bench with storage shelves

If you have children, you’re really going to like this shoe rack for your home entrance.

This shoe rack is a bench-like furniture piece; it’s long and narrow with a lower storage shelves.

Each shelf fits a pair or two of shoes. This shoe rack keeps shoes in sight.

Shoe rack shelves

However, you could also opt to use wicker baskets or something similar to keep shoes hidden on the shelves. That way your shoes will be neatly tucked away.

For families with children, this is a perfect idea as children can access their shoes easily. You can even use the top part of the bench to sit down and put your shoes on.

Bench paired with a steel bar shoe rack

This one is a bit different from the previous shoe rack as it uses steel bars instead of shelves.

Shoe rack steel bar

Shoes will also stay in sight with the steel bar shoe rack. The advantage that this option offers is the seating that you could use to sit down and put your shoes on.


Your everyday could be a lot easier with any of these 3 shoe racks at your home entrance.

You could have a practical entrance that’ll save you time in the mornings.

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