4 Recommendations for a Forever Clean and Orderly Home

Think that it's hard to keep your house clean and organized? Think again! Our 4 recommendations will help you keep your house perfect without you even realizing it.
4 Recommendations for a Forever Clean and Orderly Home

Last update: 24 June, 2023

We all try to keep our house clean and orderly 24/7. However, our busy days often make it seem like an impossible effort. The bad organization habits that we acquire over time certainly don’t help either.

But despite common belief, keeping a house clean and orderly isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s a simple job.

Every family and every home is different. We all have routines and different activities, making a cleaning strategy that suits the family absolutely essential.

The number of family members will also affect which chores need to be done. 

In any case, for today’s post, we wanted to create a list of 4 super-easy and simple recommendations for a home that’s always clean and organized for any family.

1. A team called “family”

When it comes to chores, getting the entire family involved is fundamental. In many homes, it’s the mom or wife who mainly takes care of the housework.

While it might be the case because she doesn’t work outside of the home, it doesn’t mean that she has to do all the housework by herself.

Women with a job have it differently as they work outside the home and have to continue working on chores when they return.

As times change, more and more men are getting involved in housework. However, children should also be doing their bit.

Full participation will have multiple benefits for a home. It has been proven that giving children responsibilities, which are appropriate for their age, will help them become more responsible and independent.

Clean organized home family effort

A cleaning plan that details what and where each family member should clean could be really useful for organizing chores.

These chores could be washing the dishes after every meal, dusting, collecting dirty clothes and putting them in the bin, running the washing machine, sweeping or mopping the floors, wiping the tiles etc.

Writing down the chore plan will help keep everyone on task.

2. Deep clean

If you want a house that’s always clean and orderly, you really should do a deep clean once a week.

Many families use Saturday or Sunday for cleaning. Choose the day that works best for your family.

Also remember to keep track of time. You shouldn’t be spending the entire day cleaning because it’s important to do other things as a family as well.

You can take advantage of your cleaning day to really clean your bathroom and kitchen. Constant use makes them one of the more problematic zones in your home.

Clean organized home bathroom kitchen

3. Keep everything in its place

Another key for keeping your home clean and orderly is putting things back after using them.

Too often do we grab a blanket as we’re watching TV only to leave it there when we go to bed.

Even if you’re really tired, you could try  folding the blanket and organizing the pillows before you leave.

Doing so will save you time the next day.

Never leave undone for tomorrow the work that you can finish today.

Another good example is the kitchen. After having lunch or dinner, not many people feel like cleaning up the kitchen. But, you’re better off cleaning things right then and there because food residue hardens onto plates, making them more difficult to clean.

It’s the same with dried laundry. Don’t let it pile up, fold clothes right then and there.

Clean organized home work for today

4. Bathroom and kitchen

As we mentioned previously, the bathroom and kitchen are the hardest areas to clean. They’re the most difficult because they’re the rooms that we use daily and continuously.

What’s more is that these two rooms also need to be kept very hygienic.

Thus, we recommend cleaning these two areas on a daily basis.

We’re not saying that you need a deep clean every day. But mopping the floors lightly with bleach or another cleaning product is important.


With these simple recommendations, we have no doubt that you’ll enjoy a home that’s always clean and orderly.

Our last piece of advice is to be consistent in your home cleaning and organization plans.