4 Ideas to Get Your Bathroom Organized

Sometimes we end up with so many bathroom cleaning products that we don't know how to organize them. We'll give you some types to make it easier.
4 Ideas to Get Your Bathroom Organized

Last update: 03 October, 2018

In today’s article, we’d like to give you with some organizational tips for all of your bathroom items.

We often accumulate all sorts of lotions, products, etc., setting them aside just to expire. So, we need to sort through them and throw out the ones we don’t need at least once a year.

It’s the same idea as switching our winter closet to our summer one. The change is a time to throw away, or donate, the clothes that we’ve stopped liking or using.

Though you might have a mountain of products, with some smart organizing, you can get them in order and even gain some extra space. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom or scarce storage space. All you need to do is follow our tips.

1. Clear off your counters and other surfaces

Clearing off these areas will give you a sense of more space. We’re talking about areas such as the sink counter. Only leave behind the items that you use on a daily basis, like soap, your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Off to the side, try using a little box for the other things that you use frequently. These might be items like face lotion, tonic, cotton swabs, makeup products… You could also use the space under the sink that you’ll gain after organizing.

Bathroom product sink counter

You need to do the same thing with the tub; only leave the basics behind, such as your sponge, shampoo, body-wash, conditioner and put the other items away. You can even try buying a tray that you can carry from one place to another; that way you’ll have your bath salts and creams on hand for when you want a relaxing bath.

We can also apply this tip to mirrors: don’t place items that are too big or tall in front of your mirror. It’s the same case for your shelving units or glass shelves. Sometimes we crowd them with bottles, little containers… but you can actually just opt to use them as a decorative feature instead of a practical one.

2. Use boxes, baskets or other types of containers

This is an essential tip; there’s a huge variety available: boxes, baskets, pouches, trays…

You can even combine them with organizers to make it even easier to find items, especially the smaller ones. These might be cotton balls, tweezers…

Try to find matching organizers, that way, your bathroom will seem even more organized. Try out different sizes or complementary colors.

You could also go for transparent containers, making it easier to see what’s inside. However, you’ll have to keep them very orderly. It’s the same case with lidless containers.

Bathroom products containers

For your towels, try using metal baskets, or folding and putting them away on shelves or in closets to keep them from the humidity. Do the same with toilet paper.

Or place them on shelves. It doesn’t matter if they’re visible or hidden behind a curtain or doors (in the case of a cabinet). If you keep towels in drawers, make sure that you can open them completely to make it easier to access the items that are further back.

You could also create a mini-storage space if you have a medicine cabinet mirror. This is helpful for storing little cups for your smaller items, allowing for a more efficient organization of your personal hygiene products.

3. Side-cart to organize your bathroom items

These carts are wonderful for bigger bathrooms. By using a cart, you won’t have to move objects– like a hair dryer, straighteners or make up brushes from one place to another.

You could use the cart to serve as their permanent storage place. Side-carts are extremely practical and functional.

Bathroom product side cart

They often sport two shelves; the lower one is a perfect place for replacement towel sets or toilet paper.

On a further note, you can find side-carts in all sizes, so it won’t be hard for you to find one that’s suitable for your bathroom. It’ll be the perfect extra storage unit.

4. Organize your items according to how much you use them

If you organize your items by their function and material, finding each one will be much easier. In addition, organizing them will force you to be more organized as each item will have its own place and you’ll always have to put it back.

Some categories are: metals (scissors, nail-clippers), facial cleansing products, body cleaning products, feminine products…

Bathroom product material function

Try to replace the products that you finish, always having an extra on hand. Keep the things that you don’t use as frequently on the lower shelves. As for hand towels, keep them at mid-height, next to the sink.

You can also use hooks or other kinds of hangers to keep your items in order. Hang them off of the door or on the side of your counters. They’re not only useful for towels, but for brushes and other items that have a handle or grip with a small hole. Pass some string through the hole and make a loop for easy hanging.


As you’ve read, by organizing your bathroom items, you’ll always have them when you need them and be able to find them easily. Each item will have its place.

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