3 Tips on Ethnic Minimalism as a Home Decor Scheme

You've never heard of ethnic minimalism before? Keep reading to learn all about it, and how to apply it to your home!
3 Tips on Ethnic Minimalism as a Home Decor Scheme

Last update: 13 August, 2019

Today, we’re bringing you a decorative style that’s also so much more than just decor. We would go far as to say it’s a way of life. The style we’re talking about is ethnic minimalism. Never heard of it before? Keep reading!

It’s not too late to learn how to decorate in this style and understand a bit more about the philosophy behind it.

What is ethnic minimalism?

Ethnic minimalism is really popular right now. Although we’re obviously going to talk about it in terms of decoration here, it’s actually a trend that’s taking over fashion, design, and even just as a way of life, and seeing the world. 

The philosophy behind ethnic minimalism is to have cultural influences visible in your decor scheme, but in a simple way. That explanation makes it clear why the style has this name. On the one hand, the decor scheme is simple, and therefore minimalist, and it also uses old more decorative objects.

In a way, ethnic minimalism is also an interesting new trend because it goes back to our roots. In this super globalized world where everything is fast-paced, polluted, and we buy things only to throw them away, ethnic minimalism is like a sign for us to slow down.

It’s a reminder that it’s possible to live sustainably, simply, and still be modern. Keep reading for our tips on how to decorate your home in this style. We hope it captures you the way it has captured us!

1. Thoughtful decoration

Like any minimalist style, your decoration needs to be basic. You should only have what’s necessary. The idea is to avoid filling the space with objects. Probably the hardest thing about ethnic minimalism is finding the perfect balance where the ethnic side is there in the decoration, but keeping the space minimalist. 

For that, our recommendation is to go to antique stores and home stores to find interesting ethnic objects. Some of the more common things are tapestries, old masks, or a chest. But those are just a few ideas for your home. Try to pick out one or two things with personality and presence, rather than several bland things.

Anyway, as we’re about to explain, there are ways to achieve the ethnic look with more than decorative objects. We don’t want you to go too crazy trying to find objects to fit into this style, because there are always other ways to combine it with minimalism.

2. Natural colors

There’s a very specific palette to use for ethnic minimalism. This decorative style is meant to have a strong link to nature and natural spaces. That means that shades of green and brown need to be a major presence in your home.

Use colors to call to mind the earth, moisture, and plants.

What shades you use and how bright or subdued they really depend on your tastes, and the nature of your home. Moist colors like forest green and tobacco brown are perfect for bigger, brighter rooms. They can really transport you into an ethnic space.

On the other hand, if you have a small home that doesn’t get a ton of light, it’s better to use warm colors on your walls and floors. The dark colors should only come from decorative objects and furniture in this case.

3. Spare lighting

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the characteristics of ethnic minimalism is simplicity. We live in a materialistic world where everything happens super fast, and there’s never enough time for anything. So, doesn’t it sound lovely to have a home where all that disappears?

This style is about calmness and simplicity, and lighting is key to achieving that. Your lighting should be warm and only come from a few points in the room. Play around with light and shadow to create intimate corners within the same room. They’ll help you calm down and relax.

As you can see, ethnic minimalism is much more than a decorative style. It’s also about learning to live in a different way, to value what’s truly important, and put aside the things you don’t need. Follow our tips, and you’ll see how easy it is to create a decor scheme in this style!

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