Keys for Minimalist Decor

Preserving the essence of a space instead of filling it up to the top is the Golden Law of Minimalism. It reflects order and harmony while creating clean spaces where you can really relax.
Keys for Minimalist Decor

Last update: 06 July, 2019

Having a clear sense of order and cleanliness at home is hard to beat. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the decor styles that can best create that concept.  Essentially, minimalist decor means balance. It’s a setting where order ranks supreme.

This decor style is perfect for those who hate clutter, forgotten dusty corners and stressful settings. Remember, a chaotic home hinders proper rest after a long day of work.

On the opposite site of the spectrum, minimalist homes offer clean spaces where everything flows peacefully and unnecessary objects are exempt. The minimalist decor style truly creates sanctuaries where you can rest and disconnect.

This decor style is frequently used in neuroarchitecture, which is the science that blends neurological and psychological studies with architecture in order to create functional, healthy spaces.

Minimalism aims to fix settings into simple, peaceful and orderly spaces. Minimalist rooms are well-lit and wonderfully simplistic. If you want to bring minimalism into your home, here are the keys to set you on your way.

Colors for minimalist interior design

keys minimalism colors

White, along with creams and other natural tones, is a great option for minimalist interiors. In addition, other options might include grays, beige tones, browns and blacks. Pairing white with black is a highly characteristic combination of this decor style. But regardless of the colors you choose, you should always use a base of neutral colors.

To create some contrast, you can try a pop of a bold color. While this option can enhance the decor, make sure to limit its use and never give it the leading role.

Wall decor

keys minimalism walls

In minimalism, walls are free of texture, meaning no wall paper or decorative patterns. Instead, they’re plastered, flat and smooth. Stray away from paints with shiny finishes and instead, always opt for matte varieties.

Wall decor mainly focuses on big paintings or mirrors while avoiding small elements as much as possible as they can disrupt the sense of order. For a minimalist decor, try to reflect the same sense of order and cleanliness through your walls as you do through the rest of your home.

Minimalist furniture

keys minimalism furniture

Furniture is where you’ll apply the famous rule “less is more.” In order to really understand what kinds of feature characterize minimalist furniture, you have to learn how to express a lot with just a little.

Essentially, in minimalism we see simple structures and lines that are also elegant and pure. Following those values, the right furniture pieces create a solemn, balanced space while providing comfort and an elegant setting.

Popular materials for a minimalist decor include wood, natural stone and glass. In addition, furniture pieces are innovative and we find new ideas every day in the market as it’s a popular style. Minimalism favors simple, geometrical and practical shapes. For minimalist homes, furniture pieces that truly suit a space and setting are the only ones worth investing in; you can let go of everything else.

Lighting in minimalism

keys minimalism lighting

Next, minimalist decor leans towards natural lighting, but nothing too bright. Bedrooms especially tend to have a dimmer lighting. A dim lighting helps create more visual space and a relaxing atmosphere.

Another thing you’ll notice in minimalism is a smart use of standing lamps, hanging light fixtures and LED strips or hidden lights. The decor style also uses spot-lights throughout homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Minimalist order

keys minimalist order

We’ve briefly mentioned the importance of order for general well-being; but let’s talk about the obvious functional importance it has as it ensures a space for every object, making everything easy to locate at any time.

Minimalism uses plenty of baskets, trays and all other kinds of  containers. Not to mention, furniture pieces with hidden storage options are also very common. By using these keys, order reigns and your home stays tidy as well.

Balanced minimalist design

keys minimalist design

Balance is another word that can help define minimalism. A great way to create a balanced decor is by placying decorative pillows, light fixtures, decorative accessories and artwork neatly in pairs or stylishly solo.

As minimalist spaces are quite clear and open, they require a focal point to draw the eye. Any shelf item can become the perfect focal point.

Making the most of space is the true key in minimalism. After reading about its characteristics and practicality, you’d be crazy not to love it. Ready to make some changes in your home?

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