8 Pointers for Creating an Elegant Black Apartment

A black apartment doesn't have to be gloomy or boring. To pull it off, you'll need to consider some decorative aspects and throw other colors into the mix as well.
8 Pointers for Creating an Elegant Black Apartment

Last update: 24 February, 2019

If you’re bold, sophisticated and elegant… you have to decorate your apartment black. It’s the same if you love formal, or even mysterious looks as well. Black might seem bleak but it actually has a sensual and prestigious air. In our post today, we have some pointers on creating the perfect decor with black.

When we talk about a black apartment… we’re not referring to Batman’s cave! You can really create a stunning home by decorating and matching correctly. Read our pointers for the perfect results.

1. Don’t abuse black

Black looks great, but don’t overdo it. Why not? Because as soon as you walk into your home, you’ll feel depressed. This color looks wonderful when used with other colors like gray, gold, silver, red or white.

2. Paint a wall black

If you don’t want a dark, grim ambiance, we recommend only painting one wall (or maybe two) black. With a big living room or bedroom as well as a good stream of natural light, you have the luxury option of painting all your walls black. If not, you’ll have to settle for less or the color will make your rooms look smaller.

3. Try painting the ceiling

Moved into a new home with ceilings that are too high for your taste? We suggest though it’s a certainly a bit risky, painting them black (and painting the beams white).

If you’re not sure, think about it because a painted ceiling will enhance the other elements in your room such as your decoration (especially if you have a classical style).

4. Use black in accessories

If you don’t go for black ceilings (for now), no problem. If you want a black apartment, you could also just buy black furniture or decorative objects.

Try black tables, chairs, beds, jars, paintings, lamps, couches and anything else you can think of. You could use them with other pieces in white or gray for a modern, yet elegant, effect.

5. Use black fabrics

Another interesting idea for a black apartment is channeling the color into the different fabrics that you have. For example, curtains, rugs, pillows, bedding, towels or tablecloths.

These small details will create a much more elegant and distinguished setting. At the same time, they’ll give rooms an air of mysticism. 

6. Blank lines

A decor idea that’s making waves in black apartments is using black lines. But, how can you do it? You can outline windows or doors, picture frames, wall pillars, corners, stair railings, kitchen cabinet outlines, etc.

black apartment 1

With black lines, you can bring that darkness into your rooms without it being too strong. Besides, it looks absolutely incredible. You could even buy some white furniture or decor accessories that have a black border (such as light fixtures, pillows, tables) and keep the pattern going.

7. Add a pop of color

Though you might love black and use it for everything, including hints of other colors in your apartment is a good idea. Besides the colors that would go well in your room, we recommend buying a few accessories in green, yellow, orange, violet or pink. These colors will keep the black from looking too formal or gloomy.

8. Don’t use the same decor throughout your black apartment

A black apartment doesn’t have to be entirely black. You can choose a certain room that uses the color while decorating others without it.

You’re also free to play around with ratios. For example, if your living room has black as its main color and white as its secondary, reverse the ratio for your bedroom!

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