3 Simple Ideas for a Minimalist House

The elegance and subtlety of an organized space.
3 Simple Ideas for a Minimalist House

Last update: 07 May, 2019

If you’re one of those people who like simple, understated things, then we have some minimalist house ideas for you. The motto of this style is: less is more. The key is to put everything in its proper place, and for everything to have a function.

The minimalist style is about functionality, organization, and order. Its charm is its decorative simplicity: never overstated, never too much. Elegance is its main concern, which you achieve by creating white spaces with lots of natural light.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you some ideas for a minimalist house. The beauty is in simplicity.

Ideas for a minimalist house

1. Simple bedrooms

Minimalist room decoration is becoming more and more popular. It opts for simpler shapes, which bring elegance to a room without overloading it. This is how it has caught people’s attention, and why it has become one of the most popular trends.

Plus, in the modern world, there are a lot more small houses and apartments. That makes minimalism an ideal style. The open plan philosophy is also perfect for minimalist rooms. You can make your room bigger with just a touch of simplicity. Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to be a limitation to your decorative impulses.

minimalist room

Furniture with straight lines

Minimalist bedrooms use balance and harmony to help you get a good night’s sleep. Furniture with soft curves and straight lines is best because it gives off a sense of calmness. It’s important to stick to this because it’s a big part of what makes a room stand out. Every piece of furniture needs to be in harmony with the rest.

Beds obviously hold an especially important place in a bedroom. So, don’t cover it with cushions and covers. That will just overload the space. Instead, choose cushions that go well with the rest of the room, and don’t have too many patterns.

minimalist bedroom

Soft colors

There are two main trends when it comes to color. One mostly uses white. As you probably already know, white tones make rooms seem larger. This is obviously good if you’re trying to maximize a small space. But you need to be careful with bigger rooms, because it can make them seem too big, and they end up feeling cold.

The other trend is to mix dark colors with neutral ones. This generally means blending white, black, and grey tones, which makes for elegant, distinctive spaces.

Plants also help to give a natural air to a bedroom. Green and earthy tones are perfect for this style.

white, black, and grey bedroom

2. Functional bathrooms

The basic philosophy for any bathroom should be functionality. They’re generally small and full of places to store things. A minimalist style goes against this tradition, only putting in the truly necessary things. A bathroom should give off a sense of peace and tranquility.

As with the other rooms, use straight lines and soft tones. You’ll be opening up the room and widening your field of vision. To do that, you need the bathroom to be well lit. This will make it seem cleaner and bigger, which will also make it feel more comfortable.

You also need to keep unnecessary accessories out of sight. If you want a place to store everything, you can put some baskets in your cabinets to keep your bathroom products organized.

If your bathroom is extremely small, it’s best to install a walk-in shower based on the proportions. You should also use a transparent screen that lets light in and makes the space bigger. If you have a bigger area, we love the idea of a minimalist tub (simple lines). Tubs with geometrical shapes are very popular right now.

minimalist bathroom

3. Open kitchen ideas for a minimalist house

Minimalist kitchens are open spaces where everything is precisely organized.

Like the other rooms, these kinds of kitchens also seem bigger because they use white tones. But there is a drawback to that color scheme in kitchens: they get dirty more easily. It’s a space that’s constantly being used for food, and white tones will make any stains or spots stand out more easily.

Another idea to make your kitchen seem bigger is to design it in the shape of an L. This way you’ll save space and it will be more functional.

Remember: order is a key part of minimalism. It transmits elegance and cleanliness. So, you want the simplest things possible in your kitchen. That’s minimalism: never overstated, and never complicated. Modules are one of the best ways to do that because you can adapt them to your space.

These kinds of kitchens have few details. Choose simple accessories that go well with the kitchen’s style. If you want to take some risks, you can add some dark tones for contrast.

We absolutely love the minimalist style. The organization involved makes it perfect for small houses. So, why not turn your house minimalist with some of these ideas?

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