7 Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Of all the rooms in a house, bathrooms get the least space. However, you can still make the most out of a small bathroom by following a few pointers.
7 Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Last update: 13 March, 2019

Bathrooms might not be the biggest rooms in a home, but that doesn’t mean we should forget to decorate them or make the best use of their space. So, today, we want to show you how to gain a few meters for your bathroom.

1. Shower stall and tiles

small bathrooms 1

Use a shower stall instead of a bathtub. If you have a small bathroom, installing a bathtub will take up much more space than a shower, creating a cramped atmosphere. Installing a shower stall instead will save on space.

As for your tiles, the bigger they are, the more spacious your bathroom will look. It’s all about illusion.

2. Mirrors

small bathrooms 2

In small spaces, mirrors create a stronger sense of space and light thanks to their reflection. Ideally, look for a big, frameless mirror to reflect as much light as possible.

On the other hand, if what you need is storage space, you can use a mirror with storage capacity. A medicine cabinet mirror is great – it’ll give you space for your belongings and a mirror.

3. Sink counter

small bathrooms 3

A floating sink counter will create more visual space than a traditional model that touches the floor. However, while a floating counter offers more space, it also means less storage capacity.

4. Sliding doors and windows for small bathrooms

small bathrooms 4

One of the easiest ways to win on space is by installing sliding windows or doors. They’ll free up the space that conventional models require for opening and closing.

5. Drawers and closets

small bathrooms 5

Drawers and cabinets usually take up the most space in bathrooms. Try to free up some space by:

  • Using handleless drawers and closets. You can find alternatives such as drawers that can be opened from the bottom.
  • As for closets, doorless models are great options because you can win some serious space and prevent bumps and bangs, similar to sliding windows and doors.
  • Drawer organizers: we often throw our things anywhere in the bathroom. Keep things organized and use drawer organizers instead.
  • If the drawers and closets don’t give you enough storage room, you can also try hanging crochet sacks from hangers or hooks on your wall.

6. Prioritize your space

small bathrooms 6

In light of the limited amount of space, you’ll need to get rid of some objects in your bathroom. You can move them to a different room or simply throw them out.

First, let’s talk about the washing machine. Some people keep their washing machine in their bathroom. If this is you why not consider moving to a different room?

A washing machine is undoubtedly necessary, but you can keep it in many other places instead. If you have enough rooms, make a separate laundry room where you can keep all things related to laundry, such as your iron or laundry basket.

If you don’t have enough rooms you can move your washing machine to the kitchen instead. Another example of an important element that we often find in bathrooms are bidets; however, they’re not really necessary. So, if you want more space in your bathroom, the bidet should be the first thing to go.

7. Light colors for small bathrooms

small bathrooms 7

Colors can help your bathroom look biggerWhites, beige, light gray and creams will add more light into your setting. Try choosing one that goes with your floors and walls.

Many bathrooms in newer homes don’t have a window, limiting options to just artificial lighting. So the colors you choose will be even more important for creating a space that feels open.