The Minimalist Dining Room: 4 Reasons to Have One

Want to decorate your dining room in the minimalist style? In this article, we'll give you some basic ideas on how to do it.
The Minimalist Dining Room: 4 Reasons to Have One

Last update: 05 December, 2018

Minimalism is a simple and popular way to decorate your home, especially when it comes to dining and living rooms. A minimalist dining room is characterized by the use of simple lines, neutral colors and geometric elements. Plus, getting the right arrangement of these elements in a large room with high ceilings is fundamental.

So, if you want to create a minimalist dining room, at the very least, you’ll need to have a large space so that you can arrange all the elements properly. You also need to remember that when it comes to this style, it’s all about “less is more”. So overfilling your room is definitely not an option if you want a minimalist dining room.

Next, we’ll give you four important pieces of advice, and explain why you need a minimalist dining room in your home.

The minimalist dining room: large open spaces

If you have a large, open space with high ceilings, getting the right arrangement of all the different elements is essential. As the idea is to incorporate as few elements as possible, having a large space to work with is fundamental.

To be able to decorate your dining room in the minimalist style, you have to organize and arrange your objects properly. There are lots of different things to keep in mind if you want to do this, such as the size of the windows, for example.

Plus, the contrast of the brightly illuminated wide open space and the sparse decoration is fundamental if you want your dining room to be minimalist.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors, like white, gray, black, and various shades of brown, are a fundamental part of the minimalist style. These tones, whether by themselves or combined with one another, will give your room a feeling of somber elegance.

The most common materials for minimalist dining rooms are metal, glass, and wood. Next, we’re going to tell you how you can combine them in your dining room space.

All-white decor

White is a color at the very heart of minimalist decor. You can choose pale colors for the walls, ceiling, and floor. Combining them with white or chalk-colored furniture is also a great option. If you don’t want your room to be entirely decorated in white, you could add small black elements to create contrast.

Brown and white combinations

White combined with different shades of natural brown wood is highly characteristic of the minimalist style. White tables and chairs with pale wooden legs are great elements to include in a minimalist dining room.

You can then combine this type of furniture with white walls and wooden flooring. The combination of white with pale woods is a really great look, but you could also choose darker woods.

The combination of white decor with pale woods is always a great look.

White with colorful detailing

Using all-white decor with small dark-colored or even gray detailing is also a winning combination. To decorate your minimalist dining room, you can also add touches of color to contrast with the white. You could add colorful elements to the center of your table, for example, or buy a painting for your wall.


One of the most important elements in any minimalist dining room is the furniture. Don’t forget to consider the amount of space you have to work with, and take measurements before you buy any new furniture.

Think carefully about where you’re going to put each piece of furniture so that it isn’t in the way and you can move easily around your dining room. If you have them, we would recommend that you place a long dining room table next to large windows.

Buy a long table with matching chairs. Choose the materials you like best and the colors that work well with the color palette you’ve used in your room. You could choose a table made of wood, metal, glass, or almost any other material that takes your fancy.

If you don’t have a very large family, obviously there’s no need to go out and buy a huge table. But, if you do have a large family, you could buy a really long table, which would really help your minimalist dining room stand out.

Remember, the less furniture you have in your dining room, the better. So, we’d actually recommend that you only buy a table and chairs. Then, you can add small decorations to the walls, and add some decorative lamps.

The only furniture you really need in a minimalist dining room is a table and chairs.

The importance of lighting 

As we’ve mentioned before, dining rooms with large windows, decorated with pale colors can be really stunning. White and other pale colors combined with plenty of natural light are guaranteed to make your dining room a charming and welcoming space.

While natural light is fundamental, we mustn’t forget about the importance of artificial lighting. Try to hang a large light, or even a string of hanging lights, over your dining room table. This is a really popular choice which is great for highlighting the minimalist decor.

As you can see, to create a minimalist dining room, there are several fundamental aspects to keep in mind. The space, the lighting, the colors, the furniture, and the right decor will make your dining room a really pleasant and charming space to spend time in.