Chests: A Romantic, Alternative Kind of Decoration

Chests are a great piece of furniture for home decor. They help make your house seem more bold, romantic, charming, and alternative.
Chests: A Romantic, Alternative Kind of Decoration

Last update: 23 January, 2019

You can always add an original touch to a home with furniture. Today, we’re going to talk about an innovative, functional kind of furniture decoration: chests. They can give your home a romantic, alternative look.

Furniture is a great way to add life to a decor scheme or change it. Chests are an uncommon kind of decoration–not many people have one, but they have lots of great qualities.

Lots of chests and trunks are passed down the family. But nowadays there are big stores that sell chests with a vintage look like time has left its mark on the wood.

The history of chests

Ages ago, people used chests like a luggage carrier. They would store things like clothes, utensils, and anything else they wanted to take with them on a trip.

antique chest

Chests have started to become popular in Spain because of their history when lots of people went to Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries.  They’re also just a great decoration.

Back in our grandparents’ (or great-grandparents’) days, people would store chests in an attic or closet. But modern interior decorators have started to see the aesthetic potential of chests as a decoration. 

Of course, they don’t go well with every decor scheme, but they give off an innovative, casual vibe when they do. It’s like a reflection of their historical, traditional purpose. 

Chests are furniture too, so we should make them stand out just the way we do with other things.

Chests as a rustic decoration

The best decor scheme for chests is generally a rustic style (or something similar), partly because of their physical characteristics:

  • A historical feel. Their past, as luggage, has given them a historical value that makes them amazing as decorations.
  • The color of the wood. The dark brown color of the chest and the worn down surface give off romantic, traditional, rural, and casual vibes.
  • Metal. The metal clasps, bolts, and hinges (which are all usually worn down too) add a nice touch to the aged wood. 
  • They may not be very big, but they definitely attract attention. That originality and rustic feel will instantly transport your guests into the past.

Chests go best with a rustic style.

The functionality of chests

So, chests can look absolutely amazing as a house decoration. But one of the great things about them is that they’re also functional.

They’re usually too big to go on shelves or in high places. This means if you get one, it should go on the floor. 

They can bring all those romantic, rural, vintage, and alternative qualities to a bedroom, or the living room. They break up any sense of formality and give the house a feeling of times past.

They’re also very useful because you can use them to store all kinds of things from kitchenware to clothing. This will help you keep your house organized and save space.

wooden chest at the foot of a bed

What to do if you already have a chest

Imagine, for example, that you have a chest that’s been passed down through your family, or that you bought one at an antique shop. If it hasn’t been well-preserved, it’ll need some restoration. Here’s some advice on how to do that:

  • Determine what state it’s in. It could have cracks, holes, or be missing parts. If you think it can be restored, go ahead!
  • Scrub it with a wet rag. It’s probably very dirty, and this will also be a chance to see if it has termites.
  • Sand away any imperfections on the surface. It’s important to make sure there aren’t any splinters sticking out, waiting for a finger to dig into.
  • After all that, you can paint it whatever color you like. Dark brown is always a great choice and goes really well with green, black, and maroon.
  • Varnish it to give it a more well-preserved, aesthetically pleasing look.

Having a chest in your house can change things in your decor scheme and make it more interesting.