The Romantic Touch: 6 Ideas for your Home

In this article, we'll give you some ideas and advice so that you can give your home the romantic touch and wow your partner with this beautiful decor!
The Romantic Touch: 6 Ideas for your Home

Last update: 22 October, 2018

Giving your home the romantic touch can be really easy if you know how to combine the right decorations, furniture, lighting and colors in your rooms. The romantic look is visually beautiful, and helps to create a comfortable and relaxing space.

Give your home the romantic look with our 6 top tips

In this article, we’ll give you six ideas on how you can transform your home and give every inch of your house a beautiful and romantic look.

1. The walls

Use light colors

There is a huge variety of ways to give your walls the romantic touch. The best way is to paint them with pale and neutral colors. White combined with pastel tones – like pink and yellow – will give them a really romantic look.

However, just painting your walls with these colors won’t give your home the romantic touch. You need to combine them with different elements, which we’ll talk about later.

Add wallpaper

You can add floral design wallpaper to some of the walls. Floral designs are highly characteristic of the romantic look. 

Use dark colors

One dark and intense color which is also highly characteristic of the romantic look is blue. You might choose to paint all the other walls white, and then have one feature wall in dark blue.

Remember, combining dark colors with pale furniture and decorations will create a great contrast in your room.

2. Old furniture – the best romantic touch

Old furniture helps to give your room that vintage style that will give your room that romantic touch. Remember to paint it in white or pastel tones. Plus, giving it a faded finish will look especially beautiful.

If you have some, why not restore your old furniture and give it the romantic look? For example, you could remove the handles from your old drawers, and replace them with pastel tone, floral handles.

Vintage-look furniture will help to give your home the romantic touch.

You might also want to consider adding a chest of drawers, a writing desk, tables and chairs. All old furniture is great if you want to give your home that romantic touch.

3. Use natural flowers

Using natural flowers in your home will give your rooms that perfect finishing touch and help to enhance the romantic look you’re going for.  Don’t use artificial flowers – try to get fresh, natural flowers. Putting two different colored roses – for example, pink and white – in a glass vase, is a really beautiful look.

Put vases of different shapes, sizes and materials on your table as a centerpiece. This could be on your coffee table, or on a stand in your entrance hall. Flowers are definitely the stars of the show when it comes to the romantic look.

4. Ornate mirrors 

Mirrors are fundamental in any house. They are functional, decorative and will even help to make your rooms look bigger. That’s why using different mirrors in different rooms of your house is such a great idea.

Romantic look mirrors are characterized by their shape and by their frames. Their frames should be colored and ornate. Hanging medium-sized, oval mirrors on the walls of your entrance hall will look really beautiful.

A really interesting and beautiful alternative is to have a mirror on your floor. This should preferably be a fairly large mirror with an elaborate frame.

If you have white walls, consider painting the frames of your mirrors with a contrasting or pastel color that matches the rest of your decoration. On the other hand, if you hang your mirror on a dark-colored wall, painting it white,  for example, will create a really beautiful look.

5. Lighting

Lighting is another essential element in every home, as it actually creates and determines the atmosphere in your house. If you want to give your home a romantic touch, you should always try to use warm lighting.

The best lights for this style are candelabras, lanterns and candles. They will add a really nice touch, add decoration and give that feeling of warmth and romance.

Try putting a collection of white candles on your bedroom floor to create a really romantic atmosphere.

6. Decorate your home with delicate fabrics

Rugs and cushions

Every decorative element comes in a huge variety of different fabrics. Why not try adding cushions of different shapes and textures to your couch?

For example, soft white faux-fur cushions, smooth pastel pink cushions, or floral patterned cushions go really well with the romantic look. If you want to, you could even place a small rug – made of soft white material, for example – at the foot of your sofa.

Some soft white cushions will really give your home that romantic touch.

Tulle fabrics for your bedroom

Tulle or other fine-mesh fabrics are the ideal way to give your bedroom a romantic touch. You can hang them from the ceiling or use them to decorate around your bed. This will create a really peaceful atmosphere that will instantly help you to relax.

Now you know all the best tips and tricks, you can try to combine and incorporate several of these different elements into your home and create a really romantic atmosphere. You’ll soon notice just how warm and peaceful it can make your home.

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