Vintage Wooden Frames for your Living Room

If you're a fan of antiques and the vintage look, we'll show you some vintage wood frames in our post that you can use in your living room.
Vintage Wooden Frames for your Living Room

Last update: 15 December, 2018

Wooden frames, or other kinds of frames, and the pictures that they hold are the true stars in any home. They create the setting, personality, color, and frame our favorite family moments. We can frame family photos, paintings of a favorite artist, or quotes with an image in the background.

There are frames to fit any kind of picture. They come in different materials, shapes, colors, and finishes. There are metal, glass, wood, rectangular, square, circular and even oddly-shaped frames.

In our post today, we’re going to focus exclusively on wooden frames. We’ll tell you abut the different styles that can give your home a vintage and original living room.

Types of wooden frames

Wooden frames are the most common and popular choice for decor and framing pictures. They come in plain options, colorful wood, painted, detailed and in different shapes as well.

Keeping the variety in mind, we’re going to show you some beautiful wooden frames, their finishes and how you can get that same vintage look yourself. We’ll also explain the kinds of items or pictures that you can use inside your frames.

Wood frame

Make your own vintage wooden frames

DIY is a great way to work wooden frames, giving them an aged finish and a vintage feel.

To get started, you’ll only need an untreated wooden frame (you can use a new one or a frame that you want to renovate at home), your choice of paint and a medium-sized brush. First, you’ll need to bleach the frame, wipe off the dust with a damp rag and then paint it.

Add some brushstrokes in any color of your choice to create a weathered look for your frame. When you’re finished, you can use it to frame family photos, your favorite paintings or even mirrors in your living room.

Carved frames

There are also carved wooden frames. You can restore or use them just as they are for your family photos or a picture that you’d like to frame. Try creating decor pieces with the frames, without framing anything, for a really original idea.

You could also try creating an original frame by hanging a strong piece of string horizontally across the center of the frame. Use it to hang small Polaroids with tiny clothespins. The result is a beautiful, carved wooden frame with your favorite pictures for your living room decor.

On a similar note, we suggest using carved frames without anything in the center on light walls, or on very dark walls, depending on the color of your frame.

Wooden square frames

These kinds of frames and their shape will really add a vintage note to your home. Try using a small mirror, a quote that you can identify with or an old photo in the frame. Oval frames that have carved detail as well will look even more vintage.

Colors and finishes for your frames

The colors that you use on your frames will play a key role in your living room decor. The right color for your frame will depend on the colors of your walls and living room space in general.

Aged finish

The aged finish will look lovely in white and pastel tones, like pastel green. Let the original color of the wood peep through the chipping. You’ll love how your new frame looks on your walls.

Wood color

Untreated wooden frames, or those that only have a thin layer of paint of the same color, will really showcase the original material. You could a little matte or shiny varnish finish. You will have a beautiful wood frame to adorn your walls.

These days, as antique items are very trendy and you’ll find an endless variety of wooden frames that have an antique style. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but have some real antique frames you could try giving originals a second life.

Restore and paint them in different colors to dress up your walls. With wooden frames, you could give your living room a lovely romantic feel.