From Our Idea Board to Yours: 3 Original Wall Decor Ideas

Beautifully decorated walls are a great way to add a personal touch to a home. Below, we'll show you some ideas that'll work for any room.
From Our Idea Board to Yours: 3 Original Wall Decor Ideas

Last update: 18 October, 2018

If you’re thinking about decorating one of your walls but aren’t sure how, you’ve come to the right page. Decorated walls are more and more popular. They’re an easy, original way to jazz up a room. In today’s post, we’re going to show you that there are so many possibilities that go beyond paint or wallpaper.

Show us your bolder side and try changing things at home with our original decorated wall ideas.

Two kinds of fun walls for your little ones

Walls for children’s rooms should be happy and fun. Their rooms should have everything that children need to have fun, develop and be comfortable. Below, we’ll give you some ideas that are more interesting than the typical pastel wall that we often use in children’s rooms.

  • Glow-in-the-dark walls. A fun idea for children’s rooms is painting some little pictures with glow-in-the-dark paint. A constellation of stars, an outline or a simple picture would all look great when you switch off the lights. This kind of wall decor can help our little ones overcome their fear of the dark and make them feel like astronomers. Paint with moderation. Painting too many pictures with this kind of paint could create too much light.
  • Children’s drawings. Another idea that your young ones will love is painting a big picture on one of the walls. Depending on what you want, you could let them paint a couple of images. Check out these ideas for some inspiration. If you’re interested in this idea, we suggest painting just one mural on one of the four walls and leaving the other three blank. Otherwise the painting would just overwhelm the room.
3 original walls children's rooms
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Kitchen chalk wall

Decorated walls can be a kitchen thing, too. In most cases, kitchens usually just use tiles. Tiles are often the ideal choice because they’re the most hygienic option in addition to being easy to clean. We can find a large variety of styles in the world of tiles, but we’d also like to show you that there are other options.

One idea is to install a chalkboard on a part of your wall. The bigger it is, the better and more original it’ll look; so go ahead and put up a huge chalkboard that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Keep a box of chalk and an eraser nearby. You should buy colorful chalk to make the effect look nicer.

Get in touch with the kid in you by installing a big chalkboard in your kitchen and relive your school days!

Once you install your chalkboard, you’ll be able to use it for all kinds of things. You could use it to write down your shopping list, let your children draw on it or you could even leave a romantic message for your partner. A chalkboard will give your kitchen a different look that’s completely personalized. Just clean it with an eraser and it’ll be ready for the next use.

Vinyl decals for living rooms and bedrooms

More and more people are discovering vinyl decals. They offer countless possibilities and we can use them to decorate on a budget. Decals can help make your living room or bedroom look new and more personalized.

There are all kinds of vinyl decals out there, from floral designs to more complex images. Here at DecorTips, we love the word or quote decals. A trendy idea is personalizing a vinyl decal; you could try choosing a line from a song that you like or an image of a city that means a lot to you… the ideas are endless.

If you opt to use a vinyl decal in your bedroom, placing it above your bed’s headboard is a great idea. You can play around with the shape and with your nightstands as well to create a harmonious room decor. Just like we mentioned before with the other types of decorated walls, you have to use decals in moderation. Our last tip is making sure that they match your room’s color palette so that they don’t overwhelm the space or stand out too much.