6 Surprising ways to Decorate your Living Room

6 Surprising ways to Decorate your Living Room

Last update: 14 October, 2018

There are thousands of different ways to decorate your living room, but there aren’t that many truly original ways. Everything depends on your personal taste… and your imagination. We’re going to give you a couple of ideas you should definitely keep in mind.

The living room is one of the rooms that we spend most time in, whether it be alone, with family, or with friends. There are thousands of ways to decorate your living room, but there are only a handful of surprising and original ways. We’re going to give you a few of them in this article.

Maybe you want to do a complete renovation of your house and are considering giving your living room a whole new look. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting challenges you will face. The living room is often the room where you’ll entertain guests and visitors, making it the face of your home. If you want to create a home that everyone (and especially you) will love, then we have some great ideas for you:

1. Create a feature wall for your living room

You can recreate the look of a fireplace, or choose the wall behind the television, opposite the sofa as a feature. That way, you’ll create a warmer, more welcoming look. One wall of wood or stone will give the feeling that you’re in a cottage in the middle of the woods – the perfect place to have afternoon tea. You can buy furniture to match, as well as curtains and rugs.

If you have a large living room, you could divide it in two with an “artificial” wall, which mimics one of these looks. Some people separate the dining area from the living room, and use this wall to install a fire that will heat both sides at once.

Wood fireplaces are a classic.

2. Shelves

This is another great way of decorating your living room. It’s especially good if you have a smaller living room, as it helps to free up a lot of floor space. Shelves can be used for books or ornaments, or even for a television.

The idea is that you reduce the amount of floor space taken up by the largest objects in the room, and instead make the most of the wall space. Be careful though, because if you put up too many shelves, the room will look crowded, dark and disorganized.

3. Choose contrasting colors

When it comes to decorating living rooms, one of the biggest trends is to choose one tone and use it to contrast with another color. For example, you could have white walls, and a red sofa and curtains.

Another option is to buy a dark sofa and table, and combine them with beige objects, furniture and curtains. You could even have a room filled almost entirely with brown objects, then buy something in orange or yellow, to make it stand out. There are thousands of options here!

4. Large windows

If you’re building a house or doing a major renovation, you could decorate the living room by adding more windows. This will bring more light to the room, and bags of personality.

A window with a fantastic view can be the perfect way to decorate your living room.

Then you can put up curtains or blinds, matching them with the rest of the decoration in the room. Don’t forget to add a table, sofa or chairs near the window so you can admire the view. This option will instantly update your look.

5. Brightly colored paintings

To decorate your living room in a more original way, you could choose some different frames and paintings, and hang them however you want. Some people opt to hang family photos or travel snaps; others buy prints of famous paintings. And there are others who choose to hang abstract paintings or landscapes that they’ve painted themselves.

One idea that’s right on trend is to choose a specific wall in the living room and turn it into a mini art gallery. Another option is to put up a triptych or diptych on the wall above the sofa. This is a beautiful way to decorate without overfilling the space.

6. Buy a unique lamp

You could buy a lamp to match the rest of the decor… Or do the complete opposite! Lamps are more than a way of lighting a room. They have become a designer object, with thousands of options available on the market.

Create a reading area by choosing a modern lamp and placing it next to the sofa. You can really set this area of the room apart from the rest by choosing an original and eye-catching lamp. Let your imagination run wild!

We also recommend that you don’t forget about natural plants when it comes to decorating your living room. A bit of green will give it that distinctive look and help bring your living room to life!

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