The Latest in Curtains

September 17, 2018
The latest in curtains

Your greatest ally when dressing windows are curtains: long, short, transparent, opaque. You can from a huge range.

A house’s textile furnishings are a very important aspect in the decor of the house. One of the textiles that we sometimes forget to give attention to are curtains. Being up to date with the latest in curtains is important as curtains are what dress our windows.

Obviously, there are many ways to dress windows: for example curtains, roller blinds, lace, Japanese panel blinds, and Venetian blinds, to name a few.

There are also many ways to gather and hang curtains: eyelets, tabs, gathers, and loops.

The world of textiles is very broad, however in this article today we will talk about the latest in curtains. We’re going to look at the latest trends in this important part of our home decor.


One of the first trends we find are curtains with a gradient, or graded colors. This type adds a bohemian and original atmosphere to the home.

These are easy to make yourself. What’s more personal than something you made with your own hands?

Also, these work well with modern homes and also in houses with styles such as Boho chic.

The latest fashion – tie & dye

This type of curtain keeps roughly to the original style of older curtains.

You need to bind the curtains tightly and submerge parts in dye to form a unique and original pattern. Of course, you can make this type yourself.

A home is much more peaceful and relaxing for young people when it has an alternative or even hippie style

Two-tone curtains

If the latest in curtains is characterized by something in particular it’s those with various colors. A popular style is two-tone.

Stamped floral curtains provide a traditional feel

These have two complementing colors, changing color in the lower part, or sometimes in the border of the curtain itself.

The truth is that two-tone curtains are very sophisticated and can be very elegant as long as the color blend suits your home.

Combination of elements

Another trend is mixing different elements or textile types for windows.

It’s fitting to point out that some combinations are quite daring and require a special installation, however the end result may not be as pleasing as you thought. Good forethought and design is required.

Lace curtain combinations

This combination is excellent for where you want natural light to come through, but also require it to be darker sometimes.

The best option is where both elements have similar tones, although it’s recommended for lace curtains to be a lighter shade to allow more light through.

With blinds

This trend is the contemporary version of the previous suggestion.

The best option is to combine a roller blind with a floor-length curtain. This way the rigidity of the blind is tempered by the flow of the curtain.

The latest in curtains with blinds

More trends

The latest trends also take into account the length of the fall of the fabric.

If you think back to several years ago, curtains had to be perfectly in line with the level of the floor. Those that dragged along the floor were not very popular, and were even branded disorderly.

The latest idea is to feature two different types.

Today, curtains that are in line with the floor are perfect for a nice atmosphere and for more classic decor. Slightly longer ones that drag along the floor are characteristic of a more casual and modern atmosphere.

Having said the above, those that drag along the floor run the risk of being damaged more quickly. However, it all depends on how you look after them.

The latest trend also includes hanging them almost from the ceiling.

This method is used for stylish, long curtains that help to cover the space between the window frame and the ceiling.

The latest in curtains hung from the ceiling

This suits particularly well in houses with high ceilings, as the curtain rod is commonly put just above the window. This leaves a big blank space between the top of the window and the ceiling, which doesn’t look great.

The classic ‘must have’

Fabric that has a more rigid and uneven fall such as organza or silk gives a more romantic and comfortable feel to the home.

They are slightly wrinkled and reminiscent of long curtains in a castle. They are ideal for a classic atmosphere.

With tassels – and not just for children’s bedrooms

Another trend is to have tassels around the border.

They are very informal and casual, so if you are aiming for a more classic or modern style, it’s best to avoid them.

For rooms such as the living room or main bedroom, your best option might be having the tassels the same tone as the curtain. However, if you want them for a child’s bedroom, colorful tassels are perfect.


As we’ve seen, there are many new trends in curtains, so there is a lot of choice.

As we always say, every decorating process also requires creativity, so if you have an original idea to make your curtains unique, go for it!

You could experiment with some other way to hang the curtains, such as using a small branch of wood instead of a curtain rod; this option would suit rustic decor very well.

You could also think of some unique way of gathering the curtains, such as with a belt. Without doubt, your creative ideas will attract attention to your beautiful decor.