Vintage Bedside Tables: Give a Special Touch to Your Room

Took a look at these three vintage bedside tables to find inspiration.
Vintage Bedside Tables: Give a Special Touch to Your Room

Last update: 09 November, 2018

Vintage pieces are super fashionable, and the best part about it is that vintage style isn’t just a fad. Vintage pieces have returned to stay, and they give a different, unique touch to each room in your home.

Bedside tables feature in this trend, and they can also add to a vintage feel in your home. Here we’ll show you different vintage bedside tables and give you ideas on how to integrate them into your bedroom.

Vintage furniture is sometimes difficult to incorporate because it can be totally different from the rest of the room. This isn’t something we should see in a negative light. Instead, we should see it positively.

Find key pieces that will make a big impact on your room. Bedside tables are perfect for this because they’re so small. However, at the same time they’re always noticeable pieces in any bedroom.

Here we’ll show you three different ideas on vintage bedside tables. Each of them has different shapes and they all feature a very different decorative style. With these examples, we want to show you how vintage pieces can adapt perfectly to any space regardless of your tastes or the decorative style in your bedroom.

Vintage coffee table with a rustic touch

The first idea for a vintage bedside table that we’re going to show you is this beautiful work of art. It’s a table original designed for small spaces and has a small storage space. It has been restored copying a rustic model to give it an aged affect. To make it modern, the designer included three different colors and combined them to give this old piece a fresh look.

rustic vintage table

This bedside table is perfect for an industrial space

The designer has preserved the tacks and the handles, giving the furniture some of its original elements. Finally the restorer sanded the paint to give it an old and worn effect.

This idea of restoring a vintage bedside table is perfect for an industrial space. It maintains its ancient essence but at the same time restoration has given it a vintage touch.

These types of tables are also perfect to break the monotony of straight lines that run in the same direction. Its curved legs break the pattern and at the same time seem to flow perfectly with them.

Vintage table with straight legs

The second idea for vintage tables is completely different from the first. It’s a classic bedside table with straight lines. Its legs are carved and on the bottom of them is a floral motif. This bedside table has two different storage parts. The first one is a drawer in the upper section and the second one is a shelf in the lower area. This shelf is perfect for storing shoes or books.

vintage white table

The person who restored this table chose to paint it white and hide the wood’s natural color. In other words, an antique piece of furniture has been remodeled to fit today’s current trend of white furniture. After painting it a dirty white tone, the corners were sanded so that it could continue to maintain its vintage essence.

This bedside table is perfect for any bedroom from a double to a child’s room. It also gives a romantic touch and would blend in perfectly in any pastel colored room.

A stately night table

The last idea for a vintage bedside table may be the most difficult to integrate into your home. This is because it’s large and much more striking than the previous two. Regardless, it’s an interesting model that might inspire you to create your own bedroom with a vintage touch.

vintage table

In this example, we have a bedside table that has two large drawers and therefore a very large space for storage. In addition to that, there’s a large tabletop to place things on that you need more frequently.

As in the previous model, the designer chose to cover the wood with a layer of white paint. What’s different about this model is that the painter decided to add gold to the dresser. The gold on the edges gives it that stately and luxurious touch that’s so characteristic of this style.