Do You Know the Color Greige?

Greige is a neutral color that comes from the mix of beige and gray.
Do You Know the Color Greige?

Last update: 03 May, 2021

A new fashionable color has appeared when it comes to interior decoration. This is greige, a neutral shade halfway between gray and beige that’s ideal for creating contrasting effects.

We’ll give you the keys to using this color successfully. Your rooms will be filled with luminosity, while calm and harmony reign. Do you want to know more?

Greige? Get to know this trendy color

For a few months now, interior designers have been turning their attention to this new tone. It’s a neutral mix that comes from a midpoint between cool and warm tones. It fits into any decorative style and color combination by always providing a warm touch.

Since natural is a trend again, this will undoubtedly be one of your best tools to create the cozy atmosphere you like so much.

Greige has a balance that makes it ideal for any room, whether the living room, the dining room, or the bedroom. In terms of materials, it creates a wonderful tandem with wood and fabric to achieve a simple and elegant finish.

How to combine greige?

Beige hallway and white wood.

With dark colors

Since this is a neutral, but warm tone, it’s perfect to combine it with dark furniture. An example of this would be using woods such as ebony or walnut. This combination would give rise to elegant and sophisticated environments.

For more modern spaces, its fusion with metal details can be groundbreaking. Greige also works with Nordic styles as it’s a faithful companion for clay and light-colored wood.

Whit and greige – a love story

Greige and white will never let you down. You can create a harmonious link between the walls and doors. It has the ability to give the atmosphere a warm and calm feeling without forgetting luminosity.

Tone-on-tone effect

If you like toning spaces and originality, greige is the option you’re looking for. You can use it in areas where no element stands out from others.

The emphasis will arise through the volume that the different tones provide. It’s all about adding a little more gray and a little less beige, as you see fit.

Do you know the greige? It is the neutral color that is in fashion

Love for the natural

This color is great for lovers of the boho style. You can use it as a base on wood and natural materials, creating a chic color palette.

This is an especially fresh and light color, as well as being comfortable and versatile.

Greige and the rustic style

Although greige is a very versatile color for any style, pairs well with the rustic style. Put it on the walls by painting them with a little texture or with micro cement.

Use aged or raw wood and combine this with textiles in greige. Add shades of color to give it that casual look. Green, blue and yellow work well, either in patterns or plain.

Greige’s favorite color combinations

The best thing about this color is that it is endless. Greige combines well with other tones such as green, ocher, blue, and orange, which lift the neutrality of greige. On the other hand, together with pale pink or cream, it creates relaxed and cozy spaces.

Greige has become popular for designers and interior designers. This is not surprising since it’s an easy, elegant, versatile tone with many options when it comes to combining it.

In addition to making any deco style look good, it also adapts to any space and enhances the brightness of other colors when you combine them. Do you dare try it?

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