Decor for a Rustic Dining Room

The dining room is both a room where we spent a lot of our time and a room that we spend a lot of time decorating.
Decor for a Rustic Dining Room

Last update: 19 November, 2018

The greatest charm of rural houses comes from being integrated into and harmonious with nature. These homes are meant for resting and relaxing during weekends or holidays. A rustic dining room helps create this.

However, some people choose to live in them all-year-round. It’s quite popular to do so these days. The reason behind this lies in the fact that these houses recreate a zone for relaxation, which is so important in our everyday lives.

The decor in these rural houses tends to be very rustic, mainly using wood as the choice material.

In home decor, it’s always hard to match the dining room with the rest of the rooms. We spend a lot of time there and consequently, decorating it becomes a complicated task. Among other things, the dining room needs to be practical, functional and of course, comfortable. That’s where decorating can get difficult.

Below, we’ll give you some trendy decor pointers that you can use with your rustic dining room.

Rustic colors

A rustic dining room tries to mimic nature in many ways. So, color matters. The colors that perfectly reflect nature are rustic colors. This especially goes for colors that resemble wood and nature’s tones.

The colors that we tend to see in rustic rooms, and other rooms as well, are the most basic that bring us closer to nature. Brown or green tones help give a space a rustic quality.

We also can’t forget about neutral colors like gray or light cream. These light colors help balance out the other colors.

Dining room rustic

Meanwhile, what we usually don’t see in rustic designs are strong colors. However, sometimes there are hints of warm tones like red, ocher, golden brown or rust orange to create a cozier setting.

Pastel colors are also a great idea, especially for furniture. White and natural wood help create a serene environment.

For our more daring readers, you could even try stripes, florals or animal patterns.

Typical materials

As you might imagine, really popular materials for this look are brick and stone. Both materials can give a room that extra boost of naturalness. You can leave brick exposed depending on the structure of your house or you can try using it for details like a fireplace.

Wooden beams are also common in rustic settings because they go well with other kinds of material. We can see them used in ceilings or as details on certain walls.

Dining room material

Using these elements together in your rustic dining room will create the perfect rustic-house look that’ll make you feel at home with nature. If you’re thinking about reforming an old rustic home, preserve its original elements and give them the attention that they deserve.


In any home, lighting is crucial and even more so in the case of natural light. For rustic dining rooms, lighting is fundamental because we of how much time we spend there, especially during meals.

You need to have a big window in your rustic dining room so that light can flood in, making everything completely visible. Let natural light pass through the windows. In the countryside, light is stronger and we can’t let it go to waste. So, avoid using heavy curtains. Instead, go for thin ones.

When it gets dark, use little lamps, candles or lanterns. Don’t use anything too bright because the goal is to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere.

The perfect furniture pieces for the dining room

You need to mark out the divisions that separate the dining room from your other rooms. Use furniture as dividers, or you can even use rugs to visually separate the spaces.

The dining table  has to be big enough to seat a lot of people. A lot of rustic homes are used for family reunions that span over a couple of days; that means a lot of people in one area.

A common sight in rustic homes are desks that have been made with natural materials. Some use sturdy wood and have strong legs while others might even use stone.

Another idea to try is combining modern and traditional elements, like a table with a wooden surface with steel legs. These days, tree-trunk stools are popular. They’ll add even more originality to your dining room.

Dining room

Using designer chairs in rustic settings is another trend that we’re seeing in the work of famous interior designers. The combination creates a hint of modernity in a rustic setting.

And finally…

If you’re more traditional in terms of design, a great idea that’s quite popular for rustic homes is using elements that are related to the country lifestyle. For example, you could use jugs, clay plates, farming tools, straw baskets, etc. These are all elements that you could use for rustic decor.

If you’re looking for a dining room that’s more rustic and chic, try using natural decor like plants. Using them as a table centerpiece or on top of furniture can help your dining room look more natural. The combination of green, from the plants, and the wood is effective.

As for the curtains, we suggest choosing simple ones that are made with simple materials such as cotton or linen. You can try looking for natural fiber curtains so that they match well with the other textiles in the room, like your rugs or tablecloth.