When Should You Use Gray Decor?

Grey pieces have become a major trend. Dare to go grey? Read up on some decor tips and keys for using grey.
When Should You Use Gray Decor?

Last update: 09 October, 2018

In recent years, and thanks to the surge of certain decor trends like the Nordic style, gray decor has become extremely trendy.

From a cultural standpoint, we’ve always interpreted gray as a sad color that transmits loneliness. However, there’s a lot more to gray than gloom. In Eastern culture, it’s regarded as a symbol of serenity and wisdom.

But not surprisingly, we have to be careful not to overdo it when using controversial colors in decor. Remember that we should avoid any kind of extreme and that the last thing that we want is to feel depressed when entering a room that uses gray decor.

In today’s post, we’re going to explain when to use gray in your decor.


As a tone in between white and black, gray is considered to be a neutral color. Furthermore, it’s a color that seems cool but actually offers a lot of warmth, balance and sophistication. You just need to know how to use it.

The best thing about gray, and one of the main reasons behind the gray-trend, is that it works with a wide range of colors because it’s a neutral tone.

Gray wide range match

If that wasn’t enough, gray also boasts a wide range of chromatic tones including:

  • Pearl gray
  • Turtledove gray
  • French Linen gray
  • Taupe
  • Anthracite

When and where can you use gray-color decor?

First things first, we need to switch our mindset. Gray isn’t a sad color. It isn’t a color that oozes happiness either. It’s simply a neutral color that can be our strongest tool.

Secondly, we need to really know gray’s properties and characteristics in order to know where we can use gray-colored decorations.

We also should keep the different gray tones that we have available in mind to know how to match them better with other colors.

For example, not all gray tones will match well with darker colors such as Indigo or Bottle green.

If we use the wrong kind of gray, we’ll end up darkening a room too much or, on the other side of the spectrum, let other colors outshine the gray.

Gray decor for bedrooms

Yes, you read that perfectly: gray bedrooms!

Gray tones work amazingly for bedrooms, or for rooms that we use to relax and rest.

Gray bedroom

Gray has become incredibly popular for children’s or baby rooms along with turquoise blue and mint green. For these combinations, you should use a pearl or turtledove gray. Furniture color is also something to keep in mind.

If you want a more serene space, try white furniture. If you’re looking for something warmer, add brown wood furniture like a showpiece chair or dresser.

Gray living rooms

Gray is also a color that we can often see in living rooms. In any case, we suggest using lighter tones and combining them with pastel colors.

For example, a popular color palette for living rooms right now is:

  • Anthracite walls
  • Light gray sofa, this should be the lightest color in the room
  • Pastel accessories (pinks, greens, blues, etc.)
  • Use a brown dresser or leather armchair to break the chromatic dynamic

If gray walls are too much for you, don’t worry; white walls will also look amazing. Light gray brings light into the living room without being too blinding, which could happen with white. The pastel accessories add warmth and balance.

Gray living room

Our last suggestion for the living room is brown. It’s completely optional, but it makes rooms much cozier.

Gray also works incredibly well in studies

If you want a study that transmits good energy for long, efficient working hours, we recommend a decor that uses gray tones with bright colors such as red, yellow or fuchsia.

These color combinations will give you a balanced study and a great place to work and get things done.


Of course, there aren’t the only rooms that you can decorate in gray.

Kitchens also cave to the gray trend and we’re seeing more and more kitchens with a sophisticated gray decor.

Lastly, we’d like to mention the most popular ideas of late:

  • Gray floors: whether they’re wood or micro-cement, they’re in.
  • Gray walls: darker gray walls create an air of elegance and sophistication.
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