How to Create your Very Own Chill Out Zone

It doesn't matter how big your house is. You can always include your very own chill out zone.
How to Create your Very Own Chill Out Zone

Last update: 05 October, 2018

Remember that feeling when you arrive home, take your shoes off and catch your breath for a minute after a long day? That’s the moment of peace and rest you can get  if you have a chill out zone. It doesn’t matter how big your house is, putting in a small corner dedicated to relaxation is always a good idea.

Also, it can be very easy to achieve this type of atmosphere. The first thing you should do is work out where you want to put your zone and to plan the project before you start decorating. We recommend you integrate your chill out zone with nature, as much as you can. This will help you to get away from it all and feel calm and serene.

In today’s post we will give you some ideas and advice on how to decorate a chill out style zone.

Sofas for relaxation

The sofa is one of the principal and most important items in this type of space. Apart from helping you to rest while you read a book, listen to music or take some time to meditate, it creates an informal environment.

One of the best sofas to go with this type of aesthetic is the Chubby Slide armchair. It’s a type of armchair made of recyclable polyethylene by means of rotational molding. Other sofas that go well with this style of environment are  Majestic Garden sofas. These are modular sofas, normally in neutral colors, made with aluminium.

You could use white sofas to decorate your chill out zone

Apart from using sofas, it’s important to put more seats in your chill out zone. You never know how many unplanned guests could arrive. Having extra seats will be practical for any circumstance.

One tip is to buy stools or benches, if you have sufficient space, or to put in seats that match up with the rest of the theme you have going. You should get seats that are  easy to move around, so you are able to change them easily from one site to another as you need to.

Some seats that are currently very fashionable are those made with tree trunks. Wood and timber always goes well in a natural environment like the style you want for your chill out zone. They will add a nice touch to your decor.

This zone of the house can be used to relax and to share moments with friends and family. Therefore, it’s essential that you make it comfortable for all who use it.

Colors for a chill out zone

When going for the chill out style, you should avoid aggressive colors and above all, vibrant colors, since you want to achieve a relaxed environment. These colors will produce the opposite effect to the one you want.

Base colors you use should be light  and neutral tones. As you might guess, white is the color of choice for this style. It’s the color that best transmits the sense of peace and tranquility. You could use it for the furnishings that stand out the most in the room, such as the sofa, table or curtains.

However, you could use other tones to highlight detail in the furnishings. Earthy tones, grays or greens will harmonize very well.

Timber details, wicker or straw, in natural colors, will also perfectly match this style of decor.

Use white furniture and plants

Very important: illuminating the whole zone

Considering the light should be a priority to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. Natural light especially can give a sense of calm and well-being, so it is one of the keys to create a pleasant space.

Let the light shine throughout the whole zone during the day. For when night is falling, you could install furniture that have feature lighting included or floor lamps that project a diffused light.

You could play with the color of the light and even mix up tones. It would be fun and you would achieve the feel of an informal zone.

Strings of light bulbs can add to the ambiance of the room

Details that can add to the ambiance

Pot plants

You could include designer pots made from ceramic, terracotta, metal or even of rope. We recommend you include flowering plants that give a touch of color and provide a contrast to the Chill Out aesthetic.

Chinese lanterns

Fairy lights or Chinese lanterns will add the perfect ambient light for this type of zone. It’s important that the light not be too intense.

This type of lighting gives a warm feel to the atmosphere. You could also include small candles distributed throughout the room.

Cushions and rugs

The textiles you choose will also help to set the mood in your zone. You could opt for fabrics and weaves in lighter colors. This is where, according to your tastes, you could add an Arabic or oriental influence, or even a hippie style to your chill out zone. Having said that, remember that the most important thing is to choose prints or patterns with the colors that inspire you.

Use brightly colored flower pots to add a splash of color

Are you enthused to install your very own Chill Out zone in your home?


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