3 Gray-Toned Living Rooms that'll Inspire You

Are you thinking about changing up your living room? Take a look at these grey-toned ideas.
3 Gray-Toned Living Rooms that'll Inspire You

Last update: 02 October, 2018

We often associate the color gray with negative things. It’s the color of fog, sadness, storms and loneliness. Below, we’re going to show you that gray is so much more. We’ll show you 3 gray-toned living rooms that’ll inspire you. You’ll see that these rooms don’t transmit even a smidgen of sadness nor any other negative feeling.

Who says gray is a sad color?

Our first gray living room proves once and for all that gray isn’t a boring and sad color. This smaller-sized living room radiates brightness, happiness and optimism.

Almost all of the room’s main elements are gray: curtains, sofa, floor and rug. For contrast and a jubilant atmosphere, this room uses colorful accessories. As for the decorative pillows, they use a gray with other more colorful ones.

Grey accessories

There’s a unique side table at each end of the sofa. To keep things harmonious, they’ve been painted the same color. Following that harmony, the same yellow color carries on in the decorative pillows. Thus, there’s a connection between the living room elements and gray is still the star of the show.

A big plant sits in the corner to tie the room together. Plants are a wonderful way to counteract the colder atmosphere that gray might create to instead, make a warmer space. Make sure that the pot matches the rest of the living room by choosing a gray tone.

By taking a few cues from our first living room example, you can let gray and straight lines steal the show while enjoying a warm, cozy atmosphere.

2. A completely gray living room

The former example used a combination of gray and other, brighter colors. The example is the complete opposite. The key for recreating this living room is choosing a wide range of all kinds of gray for a similar underlying tone with differentiation between elements and areas of the room.

Grey living room completely grey

To avoid creating a cold, dark ambiance, this room takes full advantage of natural light. With the exception of one wall, all of them are white in order to allow more light to grace the room. The floor is also a bright white, which reflects light. A white floor will also help the living room seem more spacious.

If you decide to go with a completely gray living room, use the room’s natural light to your advantage. 

Of the three ideas on our list today, this living room example is the most daring and complicated to replicate in a way that doesn’t leave us with a cold, uninviting living room. This one’s only for our bravest readers!

In the entire room, there’s only one thing that isn’t gray: the cabinet furniture. This is a bigger piece of furniture that nearly runs the length of the entire living room. The cabinet is made of a dark wood. Choosing this color won’t ruin the harmony of the room while at the same time, allows the cabinet to showcase its character. If you liked this idea, check out these other ideas for gray-toned living rooms.

3. Black, grey and yellow: a winning combination for gray-toned living rooms

Our last idea for gray-toned living rooms is a risky black and yellow combination. These three colors aren’t used together too often for decor. But today, we encourage you to try it because they match each other perfectly.

grey black yellow combination

As we mentioned earlier on in our post, gray can sometimes evoke sadness and the best color to eliminate that feeling is an intense yellow that floods the room with happiness and optimism. Lastly, the room uses black details to create a more sophisticated feel.

This room mainly uses gray tones. We can see that the walls and sofa are all gray. Then, on top of the important pieces of furniture all throughout the room, there are yellow objects. The decorative pillows break through the gray backdrop. Along with the chair, flower pot and poof, the yellow details create a young, modern and lighthearted atmosphere.