How to Decorate with Wood - our Top Tips

How to Decorate with Wood - our Top Tips

Last update: 14 October, 2018

Elegant and timeless, wood is a great natural material. For many years, it has been used to produce furniture and accessories, making it one of the stars of interior decorating.

Wood is available in so many different tones and finishes that it can give your home almost any style you want. This material can be combined with anything, which is what makes it such a popular material for decorating homes. There’s no denying that wood is incredibly stylish.

If you want to know more about the benefits of wood and its possible uses in decoration, this is the post for you.

Properties of wood

The most practical thing about wood is that it’s a great insulator. This is a great advantage, that can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any space.

Another important point to note is that wood brings warmth and helps to maintain an ambient temperature. It brings coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. This allows you to achieve thermal stability and save on heating. It will also break that sense of coldness that can sometimes be produced by the Nordic or industrial styles.

One interesting fact is that, according to several studies, wood can improve your heart rate and help to reduce blood pressure. It’s therefore no surprise that we feel safer when surrounded by natural features, like hardwood.

These are just some of the reasons why wood has become such a popular material again. It’s an increasingly common sight in interior decorating magazines and catalogs.

Types of wood and when to use them

Light, natural wood can be used for romantic or Nordic style interiors. It’s not overly showy and goes well with white interiors. This type of wood is also great for increasing light and is perfect for both exterior and interior decorating.

Decorating with pale wood will create a romantic look.

You can use dark, tropical woods for more classical styles, where you really want to show it off.

In more rustic styles, the best type of wood to use is one inspired by organic, natural shapes. Choose a raw, untreated wood.

Bamboo is a very popular wood these days. It is commonly used in rooms where the designer has tried to create a warmer, tropical atmosphere. It’s also resistant to humidity and very durable, so it’s a great material to use for exteriors.

Decorating walls with wood

Wood is one of the best materials to use for lining walls. It’s the perfect way to make the room feel natural. Plus, it’s not just great for improving the look of your room, but also for adding an extra layer of protection.

It’s a great alternative if you’re decorating children’s bedrooms, as it’ll keep your walls safe from stains and discoloration, and is far easier to clean than a painted wall.

As you can see, decorating your walls with wood will also help to protect them. If your house has a rustic look, wooden walls will go perfectly with this style.

However, you can also use it with other styles, to bring a sense of character to your home. For the more daring among you, you could also include it in bathrooms or kitchens. As you don’t see this very often, so it’ll bring a touch of originality to your home.

Including wood features in your bathroom gives a unique and original look.

Tree stumps

Tree stumps are a decorative item that we’re seeing more and more of these days. You can either buy them or make them yourself. The only thing you need to do is dry the wood and clean it to remove the splinters. You could also sand it if you want to give it a polished finish.

Tree stumps have many uses. For example, you can use them as side tables. They also look great as night stands in bedrooms, giving a romantic feel to the room. You could decorate one with a small lamp, candles or books, to create a truly original table.

You could also use a tree stump as a dining room table. With larger tree stumps, you can create a big table that’s sure to impress guests.

A tree stump table is a unique way to use wood in your home.

Another option is to use them as chairs. These will look especially good if you want to add a rustic, natural feel to your room.

Tree stumps also have many uses in bathrooms. You could place one near the sink, and use it for everyday items like soap, toothbrushes, creams etc.

Picture frames

Wooden picture frames are modest and understated, and are great for framing posters, decorative vinyls, photos, paintings and even mirrors.

If the decor in your room is monochrome, it’s a great way to break the aesthetic and add a touch of color.

Pale wood frames are ideal if you want to play things safe. They’re perfect if you want something understated and allow the picture to take center stage.

On the other hand, if you want the frame to be the real star of the show, you might want to choose darker, more rustic styles. You can combine them with contemporary prints. Natural pine is the perfect wood for this, bringing a sense of warmth.

As you can see, wooden elements are easy to incorporate into any type of room. As well as bringing a more natural feel, it will bring a sense of warmth and make you feel comfortable in your home. When it comes to decorating with wood, you can never go too wrong.

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