Farmhouse Decor Style: Everything you Need to Know

The farmhouse decor style has reinvented itself. A graceful style inspired by American farmhouses and barns, keep reading to discover how it's ready to make an impact on your urban home.
Farmhouse Decor Style: Everything you Need to Know

Last update: 28 December, 2021

The farmhouse decor style originates from the United States and is a tribute to beautiful barns and farmhouses full of wood, rustic details, and a lot of warmth.

As this style begins to grow and enjoy worldwide popularity, it hasn’t just stayed in America or remained exclusive for those who live in the countryside.

Recreating this stunning, yet simple style of decor for an urban home requires a mix of modern and bohemian elements to create a very unique space.

Key elements to ensure the farmhouse decor style enriches your home


Urban planners took this country and rustic trend and gave it grace and a touch of modernity. They discovered that this gives way to a taste of vintage furniture and natural details.

The farmhouse decor style is characterized by enhancing homes with warmth through simple furniture and recycled materials.

Wood and natural colors are its great allies and recycled objects predominate and recognize using nature to beautify spaces.

A matter of vision

Farmer style

We all identify American barns as spaces with wooden beams, high ceilings, and hessian burlap. Although you can’t rebuild your house to suit this style, you can redecorate your home, and if you have a loft apartment even better! Decorating in the farmhouse decor style will look great.

The colors of the farmhouse decor style

Undoubtedly, white, beige, and toasted tones are the main protagonists of this style. Don’t hesitate to combine them with soft shades of blue or yellow through your accessories. Although you must make sure that your color palette remains neutral and natural.

Passion for vintage

Decorative styles

As we’ve explained, you can’t miss pieces from the past: from an old piece of furniture to a vintage poster or painting to adorn your walls. 

Accessories that’ll never look out of place and should be incorporated into this style are typical farming objects and elements. You can choose antique and vintage items such as a built-in tool or an iron scale.

Burlap: a classic element in farmhouse style

Burlap is a material that’s rustic in appearance and is used in farming to make sacks to store grain. Nowadays there are renewed and softened versions of burlap. You can find rugs, placemats, or cushions to complement the farmhouse decor style in your home.

Reclaimed furniture

How to decorate

Another key to successfully recreating the farmhouse decor style in your home is giving old furniture a second chance. You can reupholster a trade piece of furniture, transform a wooden piece into a sideboard for your dining room or create a beautiful hallway complete with an old sewing machine. Visit Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration.

Lighting plays a role too

Large metal barn lamps are a favorite in this style. You can install them on your ceiling, in the form of sconces along your hallway, or even in your bathroom. They look particularly great with the more urban feel of farmhouse decor style.

Kitchen room

Long live flowers!

If it’s about emulating country life, obviously floral details must be present. You can achieve this either through small metallic vases adorned with bouquets or with cottage-style wallpaper. By doing this, your house will have that cheerful touch that’s so typical of this style.

Barn doors

Very beautiful and capable of instantly transforming your home into a farmhouse, you can buy restored versions or new ones.  Equally, they’re ideal for separating rooms and open spaces.

There are so many more details that can give your home the celebrated farmhouse decor style. Try also using mesh baskets, wooden benches, wrought iron furniture, high stools, and artwork depicting rural scenes and images.

No matter where you live, you can bring a piece of the countryside to your home and make it warm and chic. What do you think about these ideas? Have we convinced you to join this trend and decorate your home with farmhouse decor style?

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