A Closer Look at Interior Designer Nicole Hollis

Today, we want to introduce you to a brilliant interior designer from the United States, Nicole Hollis. She is well-known and praised for her extraordinary work as well as her precise and intimate style.
A Closer Look at Interior Designer Nicole Hollis

Last update: 07 July, 2019

A mix of neutral colors, rich textures, and organic materials make an interesting decor. It also happens to be the base that Nicole Hollis builds on to create spaces that are connected through art, fashion, and architecture. Hollis is the creative director at her self-named firm that specializes in luxury home interiors.

Her clients come from the most exclusive ends of hospitality and catering. In fact, you can even see Hollis’ bigger projects in Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, and San Francisco. This incredible interior designer creates spaces that lift our spirits to heavenly realms.

Her team includes more than 40 interior designers, architects, and furniture designers. From creating her firm and team to the finish of her projects, Nicole Hollis designs her spaces holistically. Ultimately, she aims to decorate spaces and homes to improve and project her clients’ lifestyles.

Much more than eclecticism

Nicole hollis hotel

Though Hollis uses a tasteful eclectic style for many of her projectsshe can control different styles and sometimes even combines them together. In fact, each of her projects is unique and that’s exactly what defines her.

After some time working and gaining experience in Napa Valley with the architecture Howard Backen, Hollis started her own studio in San Francisco in 2003. As she always dreamed of following her own vision, she marched forward until she made it a reality.

The intricate level of care that she pours into her designs, her proportions and styles all have a presence in her work, which she sees as a true art form. In short, her vision is modernism in its most perfect setting.

Architecture and interiors by Nicole Hollis

nicole hollis architecture

Hollis is a perfectionist in interior design. She designs with harmonious architecture that respects the landscape.

One of her main objectives is improving surroundings and architecture. She adores simplicity and clear open spaces  that are well-decorated and dressed with art.

Additionally, the rooms that she pulls together aren’t thoughtlessly packed with furniture. On the contrary, everything she uses in a design must have a purpose or meaning.

Hollis knows how to listen and the results she presents are always delightful. She takes the time to collaborate with her clients to design layouts just how they want them.

Hollis’ blend of materials

nicole hollis materials

Hollis works with artists and artisans to use elemental materials in her designs. Her favorites include acrylic, wool, wood, and metal.

She pours a great deal of thought into her settings and uses art to make them a reality, using recycled objects and unique furniture pieces as well. All of this finds its place in a modern architectural context. Her skills have landed her endless residential and commercial projects in North California, New York, and Los Angeles.

A hint of masculinity

nicole hollis masculine

From early on, Hollis caught on that her male clients were very clear about what they wanted for their decor. So she used them to fortify her vision: masculine rooms with pure lines.

High-quality leather, artisan wood pieces, buffed metals, and impeccable finishes. She creates a mix where feel, colors, and textures play a starring role in a carefully prepared setting with an almost technological decor style.

The fruits of her vision are elegant and contemporary homes, with an unmistakable Hollis influence. Among the neutral colors she uses in her work, black and white are the obvious favorites.

Black and white, along with gray, appear throughout many of her projects. Powered by Hollis’ incredible talent, these two colors create unity in all of her decor.


nicole hollis bathroom

Nicole Hollis has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest and many other publications over nearly twenty years during her professional career.

In addition, a number of important publications have acknowledged and recommended her. She also holds two prizes from the San Francisco Design Center, three from the California Home & Design magazine and another from Gold Key Hospitality for her work on the Hotel Palladian in Seattle.