Industrial Loft Apartments: Urban Decoration

If you want to decorate your apartment with a strong industrial decor, we'll show you the main characteristics and the ideal urban decor.
Industrial Loft Apartments: Urban Decoration

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The urban decor we see in industrial loft apartments is a hot trend that’s not slowing down. It’s popular for all kinds of spaces ranging from loft apartments, regular apartments, homes, and even businesses. This industrial decor is unmistakably unique and uses materials and elements that are linked to the factories from the Industrial Age.

This special style features construction elements in its interior decorExamples might include cement, brick, natural wood, metal, iron, steel, and leather. In the past, people used these elements just as they were, or in other words, without treatments or finishes. So their colors– whites, browns, grays, blacks– stayed true to their nature.

Industrial lofts are usually wide, open spaces with big windows that let in plenty of natural light. In our post today, we want to show you how to use urban decor in industrial loft spaces. We also want to explain what kind of materials to use as well as how to match colors and decor accessories.

Industrial lofts: exposed materials

To nail the industrial style for your loft, you’ll need to incorporate certain materials:


Use brick to cover your entire setting or just use it on select walls. Another thing to think about is using brick just as it is or painting it white or chalk white with a weathered finish.

industrial loft brick

Beams and pipes

Exposed beams and pipes are very characteristic of industrial spaces. Playing around with different colors and painting your pipes can be a great idea that’ll give your industrial loft a very unique touch. Great colors could be brick tones, white and black.


Cement is another star material that needs to feature in urban decor. Try cement floors, walls or even furniture. You can create beautiful nightstands with cement, for example. Cement will make your spacers colder so you’ll need to pair it with wood and other warm elements.


You should take the time to consider the furniture you want to use in your industrial loft. If you have a big, open space with high ceilings and want to enhance it all, try low furniture. By using low furniture, you’ll create a stronger size contrasts. Play around with different material options for your furniture.


You can use wood for your bed, tables, and chairs. Making your own bed-frame or tables with recycled pallets can be a great project with beautiful results. Try leaving the wood as natural or give it a distressed finish.

Overall, if your home has a lot of relatively dark elements, we recommend using light wooden furniture. Light furniture will create some contrast and won’t weigh down your setting with more dark colors.

Use wood and iron together

Wood and iron are a match that will enhance your urban decor. Try a wooden table with iron legs in your dining area, for example. Or, wooden shelves on an iron frame will look beautiful and fit right into the decor style.

industrial loft wood iron

Leather couches

Leather is another star material in industrial lofts. Try a couch in colors like brick tones, black or brown. A leather couch will add more personality to your setting.

Cement nightstands

Like we mentioned earlier, you can use cement in your furniture pieces. In fact, you can construct your own cement nightstand. It’s an economical, practical project that’ll also help build your industrial decor.

Use antique lockers as cabinets or storage

Vintage elements, like antique lockers, will also look great in your new loft space. Feel free to restore them or leave them just as they are if they have a hint of vintage air. You can use them to store objects away in your living room.

Decorate with vintage objects

And never ever forget to use vintage materials in your decor. Gear wheels, antique sewing machines, glass bottles, siphons, and pictures will play an important role in your urban decor.

Have fun with different textures, pull an industrial yet eclectic decor together by mixing and matching elements from different eras. You’ll love how beautiful and original your industrial loft will look when you’re done.