Modern and Minimalist Cement Stairs

You might not think that a concrete staircase will work in modern and minimalist spaces. However, they're gaining a lot of popularity and becoming the centerpiece in many living rooms.
Modern and Minimalist Cement Stairs

Last update: 13 March, 2019

For some time now, cement stairs fell out of favor of modern and minimalist projects because they required a lot of material and occupied too much space.

Many architects stopped offering cement as an option as it’s not light, transparent nor subtle. However, a new wave of professionals are turning to cement again. Learn more about the trend in our post today.

Cement stairs: minimalist and current

cement stairs 1

When we see a two-floor home, we often think of the stairs as a functional element and sometimes forget that stairs can also be aesthetic or decorative. Before, cement stairs were only an element that took up space, got dirty and only served to move between floors.

But things are different nowadays. People put more importance on stairs and in some cases, even make them the centerpiece of the living room. Your stairs should be noticeable; don’t forget about them. You should make sure they look great!

There are different kinds of stairs and in modern homes, wooden or glass stairs are popular but cement stairs that meld perfectly with minimalist settings are making serious waves.

Some designers even add lights, plants, steel handrails or glass panels for a more eye-catching design that works with the rest of the home decor. They look fabulous!

Examples of cement stairs for minimalist homes

When you think about cement stairs, a clunky eyesore might come to mind… but that’s hardly the case! If you give a staircase the right look and location, it can be the elegant, modern and even minimalist element that you were looking for.

The best part is that you can find all kinds of designs these days. It’s just a matter of choosing the right spot for the stairs in your home. If you already know where you want them, think about how to really make them stand out and get the attention that they deserve.

1. Gray and integrated

cement stairs 2

A simple cement staircase melds perfectly into many settings. For example, you could leave its original gray tone and just polish the steps. They’ll look great with gray living rooms or kitchens.

2. Floating

cement stairs 3

Who says cement stairs can’t float? True, the material itself is quite heavy but you can set each step separately into your wall. A floating staircase  means no clunky elements, keeping your settings light.

 3. Stairs with landing

cement stairs 4

Your stairs don’t have to go straight up and down. You could also use a landing that could serve for decor purposes as well, such as placing vases, lamps or plants.

4. White cement stairs

cement stairs 5

You don’t have to leave your stairs gray. Instead, you could also paint them to better suit your home. For example, white is a key player in modern and minimalist homes and would make a great option.

5. Spiral cement stairs

cement stairs 6

If you don’t have a lot of space, another option is a curved design, or a spiral cement staircase. Most models have a central pole and outside railing. They’re great if you want to save space in the living room or kitchen.

6. Stairs with storage

cement stairs 7

Make the most of the space beneath your staircase by building a storage closet (great for coats and umbrellas). Some homes can even fit a small bathroom under the stairs. You could also opt to set up a desk or sofa there as well.

There are all kinds of cement stair designs that would go great in a modern home. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your preferences and expectations. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cement is an incompatible material for minimalist styles… You can make the needed adjustments and it’ll look perfect.

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