Nightstand with Cement Blocks

If you're looking for a decorative nightstand for your bedroom, we have some original ideas for you. Create your own nightstands with cement blocks.
Nightstand with Cement Blocks

Last update: 17 February, 2019

These days, construction materials are becoming popular options for interior decor. Making your own nightstand with cement blocks, for example, can be an original idea that’ll complement your bedroom, bringing it up-to-date.

Cement blocks can be useful, easy to find, and economical while creating an interesting setting for your rooms. If you’re short on resources and can’t buy a new nightstand, you could create your own by using elements that you already have at home or can find easily.

Cement blocks come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are shapes like cubes or prisms. Cement is heavy and is becoming a trendy material for home interiors and exteriors. In our post today, we want to show you some original ideas on making your own nightstands with cement blocks.

There are different ways to create them. You can make the entire structure out of cement, or with other materials as well. Read our original ideas to make an original nightstand.

Stack cement blocks

Stack similarly shaped and sized blocks in different directions. Placing two or three blocks on top of each other horizontally to create the height that you want for your nightstand is an easy stacking option. Aim to match the height of your nightstand with the height of your bed.

Nightstand 1

Another way to stack your blocks is by positioning two blocks vertically and another one horizontally on top. Stack your blocks in the way that looks best at the side of your bed.

If you have a giant cement block, you don’t have to stack it on others. Instead, by itself, it could serve as your nightstand. And if you have a lower bed, you won’t even need to use more blocks to make it taller.

Use the holes in the blocks

You can take advantage of the holes in cement blocks. If you make a cement block nightstand, make use of the holes by storing your books and other personal items.

If you don’t want to use the holes for storage space, another great idea is using them to join the block with another by fitting in a wooden board. It’s an easy way to create a small shelf on your nightstand.

Paint your nightstand

You can use your new nightstand just as it is if you want to decorate your room with the cement’s original color. But there are several other interesting ideas as well on painting your nightstand to embellish your room. Check out our ideas:

Try painting halfway

Painting halfway is really trendy in interior design these days. It started on walls and moved on to be a big thing for objects as well. Painting your new nightstand halfway in light colors can deliver great results, give it a try.

Paint the sides

Another wonderful idea is just painting the sides of your cement structure. For example, using chalk white can brighten up your room.

Nightstand 2

Paint the inner walls of the holes

Painting the inner walls of your blocks will also look great. You could try a pastel color like green, pink, yellow or another color that matches your room.

Paint on geometric shapes

Painting geometric shapes onto your nightstand is an interesting idea if you’re into right angles and shapes. You could paint diagonally and in a different direction for the sides and front of your nightstand. White and cement’s original color work well together.

With a few resources and a splash of imagination and creativity, you could create nightstands for your home’s bedrooms in no time. If you have a lot of spare cement blocks, you could also try making other furniture pieces. You can recycle this construction material and make a decorative, functional and original piece of furniture at the same time.