Handmade Fever - The Latest Decorating Trend

Handmade Fever - The Latest Decorating Trend

Last update: 06 January, 2019

Recently, many of the items we like or buy in stores have the label, handmade.

Handmade items have become very popular over the last few years. But this is not a new trend.

In today’s article, we’ll be talking about this trend which some people view as a way of life. We’ll talk about its history, basic principles, and its place in the world of interior decor today.

A brief history

Before we look at where the handmade trend started, we should first define what we mean by handmade.

In short, it is a way of making objects and decorative items. They are made completely by hand, often using traditional crafting methods. In fact, its roots go back hundreds of years.

It first emerged as an alternative to mass production methods used by many large industries. Mass-produced items are less personal, and often owned by millions of people around the world.

This trend is closely linked, not just to the act of making objects by hand, but also to the artisan way of life.

Above all, it is about a commitment to preserving ancient knowledge and creating high-quality, well-made items.

It is also about the desire to excel and not being afraid to mix ancient techniques and new technologies in the search for true quality.

Societal guilt

As we’ve mentioned before, the handmade trend is no recent discovery. Rather, this method for creating items, which shuns modern production methods, has been brought back from the past.

In such a technologically advanced and well-informed society, a longing for a more simple way of like means that artisan, handcrafted products are valued over high-tech items.

Handmade soul

The handmade trend has many fans. These objects have really unique qualities, that are worth bearing in mind when it comes to buying them.

For example, handcrafted products are often limited edition. So you’re really fortunate if you manage to get your hands on an exclusive, handmade item.

Plus, many of these items are great quality, tailored products.

Handmade plant pots are a great way to decorate your home.

Fans of this type of manufacturing say that handcrafted items have more soul, and a real story to tell. This makes them even more special.

New opportunities

Because of the economic crisis, many people have seen a chance to start up their own business in the field of handmade goods.

This trend is having a huge effect on the modern world, something which we’re only really just starting to become aware of.

This effect is creating a new connection between younger generations and traditional professions, which had long been forgotten by modern producers.

Handmade items are often made using traditional techniques.

Thanks to the handmade trend, many young people have been able to reconnect with the natural world, leaving behind the modern, high-tech world. It also brings them closer to the worlds of silversmithing, shoe-making and so on.

The rise of all things handmade has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to young people, who have discovered an opportunity to use and develop their craft skills.


Finally, the environment is also one of the main reasons why the handmade trend has evolved into a way of life.

Over the last few years, humans have become more aware of the impact human activity is having on the environment.

This trend allows us to use production methods that respect the environment. In many cases, it is used to restore and recycle old objects.

Handcrafted objects represent sustainable creativity.

What’s more, the handmade trend advocates the use of natural materials. It also eliminates the use of chemical products from the fabrication, restoration, and personalization of items.

Interior decoration

Now that you know a bit about the history of handcrafted items, and the reasons why this trend has grown in popularity in recent years, it’s time to talk about its impact on the world of interior decor.

Handcrafted items are present in many aspects of life. For example, you can find handmade products in:

  • Confectionery
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Crochet
  • Scrapbooking
  • Gardening
  • Patchworking

The world of interior decor and design has not escaped this popular trend. Many modern designers and architects have become real craftsmen.

One of the areas in which the influence of the handmade trend is perhaps most obvious is furniture.

Furniture is often restored using traditional techniques or made from sustainably sourced, high-quality materials.

The handmade trend has had a huge impact on the world of furniture.

We also see the influence of the handmade trend in the world of textiles, with naturally dyed patterns and traditional production methods.

The handmade trend has even had an impact on wall decor, with personalized paintings, tree trunk shelves and so on.


Handcrafted and DIY items are very similar. However, they’re not exactly the same thing.

Handmade normally refers to items that are made professionally. DIY, on the other hand, is more personal. People usually use it to decorate and customize their own homes.

Lovers of DIY have come to realize that they can use their craft skills to the benefit of others. Some have even started up their own businesses.

So, now you know. If you’re a creative person and you’re great at arts and crafts, why not venture into the world of handmade items, and start up your own business?

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