Great Furniture Options for the Foot of Your Bed

Here are three amazing ideas that will give your room a charming, original touch.
Great Furniture Options for the Foot of Your Bed

Last update: 10 January, 2019

If there’s one decor element that can make your bedroom stand out, it’s furniture at the foot of your bed. Along with the headboard, this is one of the parts of the room that gives you the most options. Knowing how to use this space well can help you give your room a charming touch.

Furniture for the foot of the bed is generally practical at the same time as it’s decorative. It will give you extra storage space, and you’ll also be adding a nice touch to your room.

But decorating this area can be hard. You might not know exactly what’s right for the space. Don’t worry, in today’s post, we’re going to give you a few ideas on furniture for the foot of your bed. You’ll love them–keep reading!

Furniture for the foot of the bed

Trunks are the best storage decor

This is probably one of our favorite foot of the bed furniture ideas. Vintage trunks are becoming super popular in bedroom decor. They make any space feel like “grandma’s house,” and also give off a charming vibe.

They’re also very practical for rooms without much space. Besides being decorative, they also give you a place to store your things. You can fit a million things inside them. For example, you could use a trunk to store pillows, sheets, or even just your bathroom towels.

a wooden trunk at the foot of the bed

You can also put decorations on top of the trunk itself, like sheets or a quilt. If you fold them or roll them up on top, it will give the space a very casual look. Or, you could put books or an indoor plant on top of it.

But trunks aren’t the only thing people use. It has also become common to see the foot of the bed decorated with suitcases, chests, and even books. The only limits are your imagination and your desire to innovate.

At the end of the day, trunks are a great accessory thanks to that vintage look and can work well in just about any room. You can also find lots of them at the store, in all sizes and with all kinds of patterns and designs.

If you like DIY projects, you could re-use an old trunk or suitcase you have lying around the house. Let your imagination loose and customize it however you like. If you feel like it, you can even stack some on top of each other.

Make your room more elegant with an upholstered bench

Benches are a great furniture choice for rooms that have lots of space at the foot of the bed. They’re also one of the most versatile bedroom accessories you can put there.

Benches are practical, keep the space from being empty, and can make for a great spot to read, set out clothing, stack books, or just decorate with some sheets.

Upholstered benches give a nice, elegant touch to a room. There are all kinds of them out there: long, short, wide, etc…You can decide what works best for you based on how much space you have.

wooden bench at the foot of the bed

These kinds of benches are best with classical decor schemes, but they can also go well with a chic style.

In fact, we recently noticed a trend that involves adding color to a room using a bench. Whether it’s red, blue, or pink will depend on your room (though we love pink). Adding color will bring your room light and energy, and keep it from feeling dull.

If you have a plain room, you could also choose a non-upholstered bench. The wood will stand out against the other things in your space. This is also a great idea if you like the minimalist style. In that decor scheme, less is more.

Add warmth to your room with a sofa at the foot of the bed

This is a true classic. What could possibly be better? Adding a sofa will bring elegance, distinction, and sophistication to your room.

Depending on what kind of sofa you choose, you could give your space a more modern, or vintage look. Our favorites are the Chesterfield and the chaise longue. They’re both bold options that will give your room that extra special something.

sofa at the foot of the bed

It’s also a great way to make yourself a reading corner or a space for other things like work or TV.

If you prefer a boho chic style, you could add a puff chair. You can get one that’s long as your bed is wide, or just put in two together. We absolutely love leather puff chairs for this kind of thing. You can play around with the color, too, depending on what kind of environment you want to create.

So, putting a special touch to your room is as simple as adding some furniture to the foot of your bed. Choose whichever idea you like best and make yourself the wonderful space you’ve always dreamt of.

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