5 Bedroom Storage Options

These storage furniture pieces are a must if you have space problems.
5 Bedroom Storage Options

Last update: 01 December, 2018

We keep all of our personal belongings and items in our bedroom. Storage furniture pieces are absolutely necessary for storing our objects and organizing our bedroom space.

How many things you need to store will depend on the kind of bedroom that you’re dealing with. For example, a children’s bedroom would require more storage space for playthings.

So, in order to organize your spaces more efficiently, we’ll show you 5 furniture pieces that you should have in your bedroom for storage purposes. They’ll help you organize all of the objects in any room while helping you find things when you actually need them.

1. Shelves, indispensable storage units

You need to have long shelves in your room. On the shelves, you can keep all kinds of objects like books, decor pieces, lamps, and your favorite adornments. Try to look for sturdy shelves and avoid putting too much weight on them. Another thing to think about when you’re looking for shelves is their color. Try light colors or a color that matches the rest in your room.

Depending on how many things you have, you can use a single shelf on one part of the wall. Or you can use a small, vertical shelving unit in the corner of the room. What you need is up to you.

2. Pick out a pretty dresser

Dressers are very practical for bedrooms because, in addition to providing storage, a lot come with beautiful mirrors. They work in every bedroom and you can store all sorts of things in the drawers, including the clothes that don’t fit in your main closet.

3. Go for 2-in-1 furniture pieces

Storage beds

You can find several models of beds with an interior storage compartment for objects that you don’t use on a daily basis. Some models have a top, where the mattress lays, that opens while other designs featured deep drawers in the bottom area of the bed. To give you an idea, you could store bedding there. Some designs even include a space that’s designed to hold shoes.

Storage bed

These beds are incredibly practical because they serve two different purposes: they are a space for rest and also a place for storing objects. By buying a storage bed, you’d be saving money and space all at the same time.

Storage seating

There are also seating options that can have one or more sections with a storage compartment hidden in the interior. You just need to lift off the seat and store the items that you want. These lovely storage seats also come in smaller models for our younger ones, along with fun designs.

4. Use a chest for your bedroom

Chests are another practical storage compartment option for any bedroom. You can place a beautiful chest at the foot of your bed to store blankets or other items that you need to keep at hand. Try to find a chest that’s the same height as your bed because it’ll help create a better visual balance for your room.

Furthermore, there are a lot of beautiful models that you can choose from. Or, if you have an antique trunk, this can be a great chance to restore itPaint it in light colors with an aged finish for a vintage feel. For the most part, chests are quite deep and have a large storage capacity.

You can also use chests for the rooms of your youngest family members for toys.

5. Closet organizers

If your closet is short on space or shelves, fabric organizers or dividers are a great option. You could try using some dividers in your drawers, for example. They’re fabric structures that have compartments for dividing items, like clothes. With these organizers, you can keep all of your things in order and gain more space for storage.

Storage dividers

You can also find some varieties that work like shelves. They have velcro on the top to hang from your closet. Before you buy any kind of organizer, measure the interior of your closet to find the one that best suits your needs.

Wooden boxes

Another option is stacking boxes on top of each other, inside your closet. The boxes will work like the fabric organizers except that they’ll be much sturdier.

As you’ve read today, there are several storage furniture options for bedrooms. You can find them in all kinds of styles, materials, and forms. Specially crafted pieces are also an option if that’s what your room requires. In any case, choose the furniture that you like the most and that best fits your needs.