The Most Popular Types of Boho-Chic Rugs for Your Home

Boho-chic is a style that's making its way into the world of interior design. It brings personality, naturalism, coziness, color, and life to any room.
The Most Popular Types of Boho-Chic Rugs for Your Home

Last update: 14 April, 2021

Your home is influenced by your personality. Depending on the kind of person you are, it’ll be reflected in the items you choose. So, let’s look at the most popular boho-chic rugs and the different types you can find.

When people decorate a house, they usually choose a theme and a matching color palette. The most important thing is to establish harmony between all the elements.

The floor is usually overlooked, probably because it’s under your feet and not at eye level. However, it’s an essential and determining component in completing a room.

Main features of the boho-chic style

A home with a boho-chic rug.

You can sum up boho-chic with one word: spontaneity. However, this doesn’t mean decorating randomly or without reason. It’s characterized as being eclectic and having a certain bohemian touch.

You can even find this style in the fashion world. But, undoubtedly, in the home is where you can use different items that offer an unparalleled naturalism, providing the feeling of freedom.

In reality, the boho-chic style is influenced by journeys and life experiences people have had from traveling around the world. They’ve been able to immerse themselves in different cultures, colors, textures, shapes, etc. Everything is captured in an organized and calm way.

The objects indoors must be in perfect harmony with each other.

Colorful rugs

Boho-chic rugs are usually very colorful. Generally, this makes them attractive and fills the room with life and distinction. So, let’s look at some of their characteristics:

  • When looking at these rugs you might think that they look artisanal, as if you got them from a market on the other side of the world.
  • They can have multiple designs, from curved and straight lines, squares, or symbols like Damascus rugs, etc. The lines and patterns contribute, but the color is undoubtedly most important.
  • The different shades come together to provide attention-grabbing content. You should keep in mind that, in this style, the palette is very broad and creativity plays a fundamental role.
  • These types of rugs offer a lot as long as you place them on a plain colored or wooden floor. Of course, be careful not to fall for outlandish or out-of-place designs.
A boho-chic bedroom.

Once you know the possibilities these rugs can have, it’s time to assess what materials and types exist. Perhaps cotton ones are the most popular thanks to their soft texture and natural appearance.

You can also find synthetic leather rugs. Their manufacturing process is simpler and they offer greater resistance over time without sacrificing the comfort and softness of a good rug.

In the boho-chic style, short jute pile rugs look great, as this is a hard and consistent material, with an earthy elegant tone. They provide warmth and go well in any room.

There’s a large selection, it’s all a matter of making the right choice.

Shag rugs

One of the most popular types of boho-chic rugs is shag rugs. They feel great under the feet and when you lie down on them. Some of them are a single color and add a lot to interiors.

Others look more natural and they look like the fur of an animal. They’re comfortable and go well wherever they are. However, to provide a true boho-chic feel, you should put wooden items around them.

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