Multicolored Interior Decoration

Create a room with personality thanks to multicolored interior decoration.
Multicolored Interior Decoration

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Neutral colors, such as white or black, are always good for decorating a room as they’re timeless. However, they can be quite boring and monotonous. A great way to liven this up is multicolored interior decoration.

Decorating a room chromatically can be very effective, as using different shades produces a unique charm. The use of bright and fresh colors in decoration can improve your mood. At the same time, color can help you to renovate your home entirely.

Overall, a decorative style can be exciting, dynamic, attractive, and have character. However, you can also make lots of mistakes so you should have a goal – harmony. In this article, we show you the best ways to achieve perfect multicolored decoration.

Color-blocking – a new formula for the home

Multicolored blocks

Color-blocking is the latest trend that has pushed the boundaries of the world of interior design. It’s all about matching opposite colors to create interesting and complementary combinations. The Dutch painter Piet Mondrian started this trend.

Color-blocking, which combines solid shades to create a bold look, had its biggest development in the fashion world. Above all, it’s a good decorative strategy. You can apply this technique with a graphic mix of bright paint, upholstery, or floors, which can inject personality into the room.

  • A good way to apply this idea is to incorporate a couple of bold pieces and place them on a neutral background for contrast.
  • You could also choose a geometric carpet of different shades.
  • For the best results, combine unusual colors: teal and red, blue and orange, or amethyst and coral, for example.

Multicolored interior decoration – vertical and horizontal

Multicolored decoration

Bright accents are perfect for those of you who appreciate bright colors. One of the best formulas for coloring a room is putting the focus on the vertical and horizontal points of the room.

When we talk about the horizontal points of a room, we mean both the floors and the ceilings. These surfaces are perfect for adding one or more notes of color. Also, you don’t have to resort to expensive decorating.  What you can do is apply color with the carpets or, in the case of the ceiling, with paint.

Work on the walls

multicolored interior decoration on walls

Walls and ceilings are also essential places to apply multicolored decoration. Luckily, you have lots of options to decorate the walls creatively:

  • Study and application of paint on the walls. There are many ways to apply it: from different colors on the walls of the same room to a geometric composition.
  • You could also use wallpaper. There’s a wide range of models and designs. This technique, in addition to being beautiful and original, is very easy to apply. Also, it doesn’t cost too much.
  • Don’t forget the use of curtains and blinds as a decorative resource. Curtains make rooms bright and allow you to rejuvenate, refresh, and energize the decoration of any room.

Multicolored interior decoration – shelves full of color

Bookshelves full of color

Do you have doubts about coloring a whole room? Perhaps it seems like a risky idea. However, you can use multicolored decoration without having to make major changes to the decoration of your home.

You can implement small-scale multicolored decoration, but how? By using a bookshelf. You just have to incorporate colorful pieces on different shelves. A good idea is to place them on a neutral background to make them look better.

This decorative design is creative when it comes to combining colors, as you can make daring combinations by applying the color-blocking technique. Or you can classify the pieces by color ranges, turning the shelf into a palette of different shades.

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