Ceiling Design: Make Ceilings the Star of Your Home Decor

Ceiling design is becoming popular, and we're starting to see some with wallpaper, molding, rosettes, or with exposed beams or bricks. Which is your favorite?
Ceiling Design: Make Ceilings the Star of Your Home Decor

Last update: 16 November, 2020

This year, ceilings have started to capture everyone’s attention. The days of forgettable, bland, monochromatic white surfaces are long gone. Now, ceiling design is moving on to colors, moldings, and even lights in some cases. But those are just some of the trends right now. Keep reading to see more!


A simple ceiling design with yellow paint and lights installed within.

If you want to make a room feel truly original, you can paint the ceiling a color that will make the rest of the decoration stand out. If you have high ceilings, dark colors like navy blue and emerald green are great options.

One trick is to paint a stripe down the wall as a continuation of the ceiling. That will create a kind of domed effect that will make the area feel unique and inviting.

But what if you have low ceilings? A good trick for this is to paint them a soft color and add some white moldings. This will create a sense of depth and balance.

Moldings, rosettes, cornices, and dropped ceilings

A ceiling with intricate moldings.

Plaster is a material you can use in an infinity of ways in your home. You can go in any direction from classic botanical moldings to something more modern and geometrical, with simple lines.

If you want a simple way to install indirect lighting that won’t complicate things, dropped ceilings are a great option for putting in modern and minimalist overlays.

Moldings are an option that will never fail to make a room elegant. You can play around with the designs and even extend them onto the walls or columns in your home. That gives a truly special essence.

You could also add a rosette to your living room ceiling, especially if it’s very big. This is a kind of ornamentation that really brings a ceiling alive. You can either put it in a central spot of the ceiling or as a border to a light source.

Last but not least, cornices are a great way to make a transition between a ceiling and walls. Plus, besides being wonderful decoration, they can also hide scuffs, holes, or even curtain rods.

Wallpaper ceilings

A ceiling with wallpaper on it.

Wallpaper is also one of the hottest trends we’ve seen over the past few years. People are using it all over the place, not just on their walls. Some people use it to decorate closets and cabinets, and other people use it on their ceilings.

If you want to give a nice vintage touch to your home, you can put up wallpaper with a retro design on your ceiling. Or, if you want a more bohemian look, we suggest a pretty landscape or a floral pattern. If you combine that with a cornice, it’ll look absolutely stunning.

Exposed beams

A living room with exposed beams in the ceiling.

Whether they’re metal, concrete, or wood, exposed beams are one of the most unique decorative tools out there, and they never cease to impress.

What material you use will depend on the style of your home. For example, if you have a modern-industrial loft, metal and concrete are both perfect. Wood is best for rustic decor schemes

Wooden ceilings

A loft with a slanting wood ceiling.

Overlaying a ceiling with wood is great if you’re trying to make a tall, wide space feel warm and inviting. You can create some interesting visual effects if play around with where you put the beams, and the dimensions of the room itself.


A ceiling with layers to add depth.

You can also use moldings and colors for a ceiling design with depth, to make a big designer lamp stand out, for example. We love the way circular moldings look, and they really make a ceiling into the star of the room. Here’s an article with some ideas on how to make your own decorative lamps, to give you some inspiration.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick in a home.

This is another great option to give the ceilings in your home personality. There are lots of older buildings still have vaulted ceilings in some of their rooms. You’re in luck if that’s the case with your home because you can simply leave them as they are, without needing to do anything. It will give your home a rustic, mystical, and intimate touch.

As you can see, ceilings are really starting to stand out. There are also lots of ways to help them do that: paint, wallpaper, moldings, beams…  Have you got any more ideas? Give them a try!