Why Does the Color Ultramarine Convey Seriousness?

There's an impact to the color ultramarine that other colors don't have. Decorating with it will give your home a touch of elegance and subtlety.
Why Does the Color Ultramarine Convey Seriousness?

Last update: 30 March, 2019

Using color in interior design is a great way to give a room a specific feel. Some colors convey feelings, and others can remind you of something specific. But there’s only one that will have you baffled, asking yourself this question: why does the color ultramarine convey seriousness?

Intense, bright, or warm colors never fall into that category. Warm colors just don’t have the same feel as cold ones (which we usually think of as serious) and they give off completely different vibes. For example, yellow is worlds apart from dark blue.

Ultramarine is one of the biggest color trends in decoration right now. Interior decorators are using it to give a space a sense of stability and seriousness. It’s also great for everything from homes, to offices, to public places.

Ultramarine as a color

house decoration with an ultramarine wall

Ultramarine is considered a cold color. There are also versions of it in green and red. People have been extracting it from the gem lapis lazuli since ancient times to use in paintings–in all kinds of styles from oils to fresco.

The name “ultramarine” comes from the idea that the intense blueness makes you think of the deepest part of the sea. It conjures up a place of extreme darkness and a very intense, rigid, and powerful blue.

Ultramarine is very light resistant, which means it won’t reflect much light if you use it as a wall color. It can also make a room much more absorbing and intense. This is the exact opposite of what light, warm colors do.

If you want to give your home a sense of depth, this is the color you’re looking for.

The feelings ultramarine conveys

ultramarine chair, wall, pillows, and wall art

Like we said at the beginning, ultramarine is a dark color that’s great at giving a room a very specific feel. You can add splashes of it to your decor scheme in all kinds of ways, from furniture and accessories to wall color, depending on the furniture you already have.

  • This is not a color that goes unnoticed. It’s striking, and depending on where you put it in the room, it will immediately draw your eye. It has a powerful attraction that instantly captivates you and sparks interest. 
  • Make no mistake, ultramarine a strong, serious, elegant color. It has a clear link to classical and alternative decorative styles and can look great in a minimalist style home too.
  • Just remember, it will play a bigger or smaller role depending on where you put it in the room. For example, if you have an ultramarine couch and make it the focal point of the room, it’s going to be the center of attention.

Decorating bedrooms with ultramarine

ultramarine headboard

Ultramarine is an especially good color for bedroom decoration. This is partly because of the feelings it conveys and also because of how well it goes with other decorations.

  • You should focus mostly on the wall. Ultramarine is a great color to use as the base for your overall bedroom decor scheme. It’s probably one of the best colors you can use in interior design.
  • The bed is also a key pointIt’s the most important part of the room and attracts the most attention. So, applying ultramarine to your bed can make for a wonderful, unique look.
  • Another option is to use rugs or cushions in ultramarine. You shouldn’t use it in all these though. Just pick one or two items in this gorgeous color for the best effect.

A full-bodied blue for the living room

blue couch with copper-colored cushion

If you want your living room to feel strong and powerful, you should definitely use this shade of blue. Painting your walls ultramarine is like wrapping the room in a serious, emphatic feeling. That’s very different from what colors like white, salmon, and earth tones do.

Elegance and subtlety are basically guaranteed. For example, you can get a sofa in this color and it will instantly become the central focus of the room. This color can do so much for your home.

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