How to Make the Foot of Your Bed a Functional Decor Element

The foot of the bed has been a neglected space in many bedrooms, but now it's getting the attention it deserves. It's such a useful spot!
How to Make the Foot of Your Bed a Functional Decor Element

Last update: 05 March, 2019

You’ve probably seen movies set in Medieval times when it was normal for ladies to have a big trunk or chest at the foot of their bed. However, over the years they came into disuse.

Today they’re becoming popular again, not just because of how functional they can be but also because of how many different options there are. Now there are all kinds of interesting, unique ways to utilize the space at the foot of your bed.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the functional and decorative opportunities it offers.

The foot of your bed

To clarify, when we talk about utilizing the foot of your bed, we’re talking about the design element, or piece of furniture, that goes at the end of your bed. It’s meant to give personality and beauty to your bedroom. And it’s meant to be useful, too.

A few of the many uses this special spot can have:

  • Storage: this is the most common function. You can use the piece of furniture you place at the foot of your bed to store clothes, shoes, even books.
  • Side table: it can also be used as an extra surface area to keep essential items close at hand. You could also use it as a spot to set out your clothes for the next day, put your purse, or keep a tray with a glass of water.
  • Seat: the foot of your bed is the perfect spot for extra seating, whether for relaxing or to put on your shoes in the morning.
  • Shoe organizer: this is the most modern use we’re seeing for the foot of the bed.
A bedroom with a chest at the foot of your bed.

Chests and trunks

Chests and trunks are the most classic pieces of furniture for the foot of the bed. They emanate style and elegance. Plus, they’re one of the most functional options because of all of the storage space they offer.

You can find chests in all sizes, whether you’re going for a modern look or a more antique look. Another great thing about them is that they’re relatively easy to find. Just take a walk through an antique shop or even your grandparents’ house and you’ll probably find one.

A classic bedroom with a sofa at the foot of the bed.

The classic upholstered sofa

This is a sophisticated idea for the foot of your bed. Doesn’t it make you think of Queen Victoria? They look great in classically decorated bedrooms, though their role is more aesthetic than functional since all they offer is seating.


Ottomans are a versatile option. If you want a casual, easy-going feel, you can find an ottoman that fits perfectly, and if you want a more elegant feel, there’s an ottoman for you, too.

They can make your bedroom feel cozier and give you a comfortable space to relax. In addition, depending on the type you pick, they can also serve as a side table.

Low stool

Footstools are a simple way to freshen up your bedroom. While the surface area is small, it’s enough for a book or two, or an item of clothing. If you don’t need much, then a low stool might be perfect for the foot of your bed.

A gray bedroom with a foot stool.

Stacked suitcases

Suitcases at the foot of your bed: a stylish, original idea! However, they’re not quite as functional as a trunk, since the storage space the suitcases offer isn’t as accessible. We suggest stacking 3 suitcases on top of one another and using attractive, old ones of varying sizes.

The latest trend is to create a mixture of elements at the foot of your bed – a composition or “mini-environment.” For example, you might arrange two small armchairs there along with a side table. It looks great!

The pro is that it could be a nice, functional place to read a book with a cup of tea or coffee. The con, though, is that it does take a larger room to fit all of this furniture.


The main thing is to think about your needs if you have any. In other words, do you need storage space, extra seating, or something else? You also want to make sure that whatever you choose for the foot of your bed fits with the rest of your decor. Balance is important in the bedroom.

Last but not least, remember that you can always reuse or restore furniture that you already have around the house.

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