How Should You Decorate a Big Bedroom?

Having a big bedroom is a great luxury. Today, we're going to give you some ideas and advice on how to decorate it without it seeming dull or lifeless.
How Should You Decorate a Big Bedroom?

Last update: 12 January, 2019

In this article, we’re going to give you some ideas on how to decorate a big bedroom to perfection. 

The problem with large rooms is that it can be hard to decorate them in a way that makes them feel warm and inviting. But there are some simple ways to avoid that, which we’ll show you.

It’s more common to look for advice on decorating small houses and rooms. The goal here is to keep from cluttering them and make them seem bigger.

Your objectives need to be different with a big space, though. The problem with a large bedroom is that it can seem dull and lifeless.

Of course, you also need to think of what kind of bed you want. A single won’t take up much space, whereas a queen bed will, and it will have a bigger visual impact.

Lastly, you have to use decorative accessories and fabrics well. They play a bigger part than you might think in the end result.

So, read on for some more specific ideas and advice on how to decorate a big bedroom. They’ll be an even bigger help.

How to decorate a big bedroom

Visual balance

This might be the most important factor of them all. Because it’s such a large space, you have to think carefully about where you’re going to put each piece of furniture and accessory.

beautiful scandinavian bedroom

Distribute things evenly throughout the room to keep any areas from being empty or cluttered. You want a proportional (or even symmetrical) balance of objects.

But hold on, you also don’t want to fill up all the empty space. 

The nice thing about having so much space is that you can pick out bigger furniture without having to worry too much about the size. Still, we always recommend measuring your room first to make sure it fits well.

You can use smaller things like nightstands, shelves, table lamps, and rugs to create symmetry.

Play around with the walls

If you have a big bedroom and want to decorate it, you’ll have a lot more options than you would with a smaller room.

As always, make sure to choose the right colors. You even could learn a bit about the psychological effects of colors and choose them based on the mood you want to create.

Remember that light colors create a feeling of depth, whereas dark colors make a room feel smaller.

Here are some of the trends we’ve been seeing lately: one wall dark and the other three light, two walls one color and the other two a different color, images on the walls…

blackboard wall in the bedroom

Wallpaper is also another great option, and it always looks pretty and original. You can decide based on your own tastes, but it’s generally best to only use it for one wall and to paint the other three a light color (even white is an option). Leaving the other three walls simple can make the main one feel like a mural.

You could also make a real mural on one wall. Here are some common examples:

  1. Artthings like Starry Night by Van Gogh, The Kiss by Klimt, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, or Muses by Conrad Roset.
  2. World map: it could either be an outline or filled in. You can also decorate it with photos from the places you’ve been.
  3. Other options: you can make designs out of your photos or some nice prints, or even make a huge moodboard. 

Lots of these are also available as wallpapers. If you want a mural, you could make it yourself or have someone else do it. We personally love the company Coordonne. If you’re too far away to order anything from them, you can take some inspiration from their amazing taste!

Make separate environments

Lastly, if you’ve added big furniture but still have lots of space, you could even make your bedroom a multi-purpose space.

It’s all about knowing how to separate the space. You can do that with things like trunks, shelves, or couches, which all make perfect barriers for the transition from one area to another.

If you have a lot of clothing, you can make your own dressing room out of various furniture and accessories. You can also add a clothes hanger and a mirror to really give the space a nice touch. The mirror will make it feel bigger and brighter thanks to the reflection.

bedroom with art zone

Or, you could make a study area, whether it’s more like an office or an art zone. (If you choose the art zone, make sure it’s close to a window for ventilation). Of course, you could also make a calm, relaxing reading corner.

If you also have a high ceiling, you can make a little loft for the reading corner or dressing room. You could also have them split between the two floors. Just make sure to secure the stairs well so that it’s not hard to go up and down. You can even put some string lights on one side of the staircase to make them look nice at night.


As you can see, there are lots of possibilities when it comes to how to decorate a big bedroom. You don´t have to be traditional. All you need to do is be orderly, organized, and creative.

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