Maximalism Style

The maximalism style is very interesting because it mixes all of the styles into one, giving you the perfect result. 
Maximalism Style

Last update: 07 January, 2019

Maximalism is coming back and is seen today as the opposite of minimalism. 

Its motto is Donatella Versace‘s well-known saying, “it’s never enough.”

Maximalism is based on inconsistencies that fit together perfectly. In this design, you combine different styles that balance each other even though they don’t fit into normal patterns. 

In this article, we’ll talk about maximalism and how it’s become a current trend.

What is maximalism?

As you can probably guess just by reading the name, it’s the opposite of minimalism.

Minimalism is a style that’s characterized by the purity of its elements and lines. It’s a very sober style that does away with anything that’s not completely necessary.

So, the result is simple and clean rooms when it comes to lighting and furniture. These two aspects  are the focal points of the room. 

Minimalism: less is more. 

Maximalism is a response to minimalism. This is a Baroque-based style, so it has very ornate details and vibrant colors.

maximalism style

One of the characteristics of this Versailles-inspired decor is the combination of different styles. So, we can find very old furniture with other futuristic elements. This gives the room a lot of rich textures and colors with a lot of color and expression.

With this style, you’ll see a lot of velvet, floral prints, drapes, wallpaper and a variety of contrasting colors. 

Light also plays a very important role in this style since it’s kind of like a theatrical setting. You can bring drama into the room by adding chandeliers and crystal lamps.

Maximalism in your house: advice

Obviously, it’s not easy to adopt this trend and carry it out.

This style is also not for everyone. It’s meant for people who don’t care what people will say about their peculiar tastes that don’t fit the ‘aesthetic norms.’

This style has an air of ostentation and pretension that leaves prejudice. 

Perfect chaos

You might be confused at first. You might think that maximalism means accumulating a lot of stuff and then mixing it all together in one room. 

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s true that this style breaks all the rules and definitely has its own identity, but you also have to achieve balance amidst all the ‘chaos.’

First, look to combine some pieces that you really like and that define you well. Even if you don’t completely mix them together, try to make them work in the same room.

Remember that this is an eclectic style that requires a lot of creativity and freedom. 

To make this style look its best, make sure to always leave space between the objects in the room. You want it to be full, but not overcrowded. 


Now let’s talk about mixing. And we’re not just talking about colors, but prints too-just make sure it doesn’t look too crazy. 

When it comes to the color palette for maximalism, let’s just say that all vibrant colors have a place. However, purple and lime greens are the most common.

Like we said before, this style is based on Baroque and Versailles styles. Even so, make sure you don’t go overboard on the gold. 

Another thing that people mix when using this design are textures: velvet with corduroy or leather. 

Styles are also mixed to form unique rooms with a lot of personality.

Maximalism is perfect with the industrial, vintage, modern or classic style.


Walls are also very important when it comes to maximalism; some people even make them the focal point of the room.

There are two main options:

  • Leave the walls alone: if you do this, you can add large and colorful frames to the wall.
  • Wallpaper: if you’re looking for an eclectic and striking look, this will do the trick.


As you’ve seen in this article, maximalism is definitely a style that’s turning into a trend. We believe that’s because it breaks the rules and is based on freedom and personal taste when decorating. 

Also, it’s an eclectic, daring style that isn’t afraid of combining different colors, textures, and prints. 

It’s extravagant and perfect for collectors and those who love a lot of different styles.