DIY Lamps: An Original Way to Decorate Your House

If you want to brighten up your house and you like to take on craft projects, read this article for some great DIY lamp ideas!
DIY Lamps: An Original Way to Decorate Your House

Last update: 21 February, 2019

Decorating with DIY lamps can make your house feel super original. Plus, lighting is a vital part of any home. You need lamps in the ceiling for overall lighting, table lamps on nightstands for reading, and even things like fun floor lamps, which give your house a special touch.

We’re constantly throwing out everyday objects that seem like they’ve run out of use. But remember that recycling can be a great practice, and you can come up with all kinds of new things out of what was otherwise going to be trash.

So, today we’re going to show you some ideas for DIY lamps. As the name DIY suggests, you can make these yourself. All you have to do is take some lamps you already have at home and decorate them how you like. Or, you could even recycle other things and make your lamps from scratch.

DIY ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps tend to go unnoticed if they have the same shades, with no detail or the wrong color and texture. Lampshades, colors, bulbs, and the type of light are all big parts of what kind of space you want to create. So, read these tips and start making some super original ceiling lamps!

Make a cloud lamp for your kids

If your kids’ rooms have circular lampshades, you can use these to add some personality by putting a big cloud on them. All you’ll need are glue and cotton, which you probably already have at home!

Unhang the lamp if possible and glue some big pieces of cotton all over the circular surface. Try not to glue the cotton in a regular, symmetrical pattern–you want the cloud to look natural.

If you want to make an entire sky full of clouds in their room, you can add more lamps and do the same thing, and make some higher than others for a nice extra touch. This is just one of the many amazing ideas for DIY cloud lamps in kids’ rooms, too.

Make a lamp out of plastic spoons and containers

All you’ll need for these kinds of DIY lamps are a plastic container, spoons, and glue. Cut off the tops of all the spoons, make a hole in the container, and put in the light bulb. Then glue the tops of the plastic spoons one on top of another over the entire surface.

You can either leave the lamp white or paint it whatever color you like!

DIY table lamps

Table lamps are also an important part of home decor. You’ll find them everywhere, from nightstands to tables in the living room, to desks in an office. There are lots of different ways to make DIY table lamps, and lots of materials to choose from.

Make a lamp out of cans

Build a small wooden structure. Clean the can well and make a hole in the bottom of it. Before you put the bulb inside the can, paint and decorate the surface. Let it dry and then put the bulb in. This kind of lamp is perfect for your desk. 

Glass bottle lamps

You or someone you know probably has lots of glass bottles at home. Pick out one that looks especially nice, like one for an alcoholic drink (they tend to have intricate, original designs), water, or a type of soda. Clean the bottle out and paint or decorate it if you want.

Decorative Christmas light lamp

Another glass bottle option is to put string lights into the bottles instead. This is always a wonderful option if you want to give your home a special touch.

DIY lamp with string lights in a glass bottle

Bottle lamps with light bulbs

If you want a brighter DIY lamp, you can take a light bulb and put it into the mouth of a glass bottle. You’ll also need to make a small hole in the bottom of the bottle to pass the bulb’s cord through. You can either leave the bulb bare or add a small lampshade. This is a super original idea for your living room table. 

Making things and working with your hands is a great way to boost your imagination, and give yourself goals to accomplish at home. As you’ve seen, there are all kinds of things at home that you can use to make amazing DIY lamps. Light up every room with these handmade lamps and make your house seem like an artist’s!

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